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#4753: Twenty minutes

I found, in the freezer, some chicken breasts which had been in there since November, and which had gotten freezer-burned. I had resolved to salvage what I could from it, and last night was the night.

Turned out they weren't too badly freeze-dried, so I was able to salvage most of the 2.5 pounds of meat. I cubed it and marinated it, then made what turned out to be a very good pad thai. Mrs. Fungus loved it, and so did I.

Guess what breakfast is?

* * *

Sorry, but if he's got a wang, he's a dude, no matter how he self-identifies. He hasn't legally changed his name yet, either, so he's still Bruce Jenner.

The idea that Bruce Jenner could be anything other than a man can only be taken seriously if you first reject the idea that sex is a biological fact. He may feel like he's a woman, but the penis, testicles, and Y chromosome argue otherwise.

No matter how much I may feel like a millionaire, my bank account argues otherwise.

Furthermore, what "courage"? In the circles Bruce Jenner moves, he's not going to encounter bigotry or exclusion based on his lifestyle. In fact, by doing what he's done, he's just found a way to get a first-class ticket into all the elite inner circles.

Courage would involve facing approbrium and censure for his choices. Where is he going to encounter that? Certainly not in the entertainment media or talk shows or any of the places he's going to go as "Caitlyn".

It's pretty stupid, all this foo-raw.

* * *

How the NOAA turned fifteen years of non-warming into proof that global warming is happening now. Because if there's no global warming, they're all screwed. Heh.

* * *

This is neat. We can now check to see what KNOWN viruses a person has ever been exposed to.

...that's the caveat they don't really point up in the article:
The new test, known as VirScan, works by screening the blood for antibodies against any of the 206 species of viruses known to infect humans,...
"Any of the 206 species...known...." If we don't know about it, this test won't find it.

It certainly is a step in the right direction, though, and it's damned cool even with that restriction.

* * *

Last night I--not wanting to go to the store--visited the gas station to pick up a couple of bottles of diet Pepsi to tide me over. Of course I managed to get one bottle of regular diet and one bottle of diet cherry, because why would there be anything to differentiate the two besides the tiniest bit of red on the label?

To make matters worse, then, today I discovered most of a six-pack sitting behind one of Mrs. Fungus' twelvers of diet Dr. Pepper. If I'd known that was there it would have obviated my trip to the convenience store and saved me about $3. *sigh*

* * *

Motorcycle refused to start the other day. I hooked it to the charger and went to the bank, then foolishly shut it off while in the drive-through...and of course had to push-start the thing to get home. Time for a new soon as I can afford it, which won't be this week, that's for damned sure. *sigh*

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