atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4755: That just about does it

Holy crap what a shitty day today was.

I got in at 3:50, intending not to punch in until it was closer to 4 because I wanted to take a leak first, to make sure the tank was empty--but of course the phone started f-ing ringing, so I punched in right away and started working.

I did not get to the bathroom until three hours later. Good thing I didn't really have to go!

The only other person who was there, scheduled to leave at 5, left at 4. The person scheduled to come in and work until 8 never showed up, nor did the other person scheduled to work in back from 5:30 to close, so I was entirely alone in the precinct for my entire shift.

To make matters even more entertaining I had to deal with angry clients whose repairs had been fucked up by idiots, because apparently even the paint-by-numbers approach favored by the soul-sucking noise box is too complicated for some people. I had to do this in an environment where I do not have the power to give discounts or do other things to "make it right" with clients, and where I am judged harshly if I must ask for management's help too often.

Got there at 3:50. By 5 I had the beginnings of a splitting headache. By the time I got home? Dinner, Advil, and a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade. None of it's helping.

Icing on the cake? I'm scheduled for nine hours next week when everyone else looks like they have a full schedule. It's sure going to be easy to pay the bills this month, isn't it?

* * *

Look, a billionaire is worried about the destruction of the middle class! I'll tell you why: he got rich by selling things to the middle class, and if they don't exist any longer, he loses his market. For all that his company deals in luxury goods, he knows there are more middle-class people out there who save money and take out loans to buy something special than there are hyper-rich fucks like him who can buy a $35,000 watch with his pocket change.

Same vein: Housing costs too damned much. This is not surprising considering that we live in the worst economy since 1930 and nothing has been done to alleviate the problems that caused the current depression. "Extend and pretend" have real-world consequences for anyone who has to work for his money, unlike hyper-rich investment bankers and national politicians.

And in case you missed it, one of the reforms that came out of 2007-2008 is that usury is legal again. We now live in a world where someone can legally charge you so much interest that if you borrow $600 from them, you pay $400 a month for eleven months to pay it off.

It's all because no one is making any money, because no one has a job, because there are no jobs.

"Depression" I said and "depression" I meant.

* * *

None of the "new" propulsion technology mentioned here is actually new. Ion engines are not new. NERVA is really not new, considering that the research program was ended in the early 1970s.

Meanwhile AirBus thinks it's going to out-SpaceX SpaceX with a design that they've been working on for five years but which won't be ready for another decade at least. Meanwhile SpaceX is getting ever closer to figuring out how to recover their boosters right now and they're doing it with off-the-shelf technology, unlike AirBus' thing which will have to be developed from scratch.

* * *

Well, I get to do it all again tomorrow. The best part is, no one cares.

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