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#4756: I really am a very lucky man.

Tonight I came home from a hard day in the soul-sucking noise box, to a house in which the AC had been turned on, and a sumptuous dinner of tacos prepared, all by a wife who loves me very much.

I'm so lucky.

Today was the extra day I picked up at work, and it was just about as bad as yesterday was minus the idiocy, though two of the three people whose repairs were totally screwed up called again today about them. Long, hot, noisy, and just enough clientele to keep me from relaxing at all.

I got through it, though, and I have Wednesday off. Tomorrow I have to cut the grass and attend to about 40,000 other things, but at least I'll be able to do them at home and to my own schedule, without having a bunch of retards screaming at me because of things over which I have absolutely no control whatsoever. Furthermore I'll be able to do it without having to listen to the same eight rap songs over and over and over again blasted at a high enough amplitude to be audible in Mare Crisium, for fuck's sake.

Today, like yesterday, I had the beginnings of a headache before I'd been there an hour, and by closing my head was in full throb. The drive home, however, was pleasant--it's a gorgeous summer night--and I got home feeling much better and with the headache already receding. Having had yummy tacos and some dessert, I now feel about a thousand percent better than I did an hour ago, and I'll take it.

* * *

I think a lot of the coastal elites would be surprised at how little the average rube in flyover country actually believes of the bullshit they peddle:
The entire American political system is a con, a sleazy mix of legalized bribes, auctioning off of favors, revolving doors between government agencies and the corporations they enrich and the blatant hypocrisy of snake-oil salespeople who know the marks (voters) face a false choice between two parties that are the same poison sold under different labels.
It's obvious to a lot of people that the GOP and the Democrats are different sides of the same coin, and that a vote for any establishment candidate is a vote for "more of the same".

But. The TEA party started in 2008-ish, and the GOP leadership has done everything it can to stomp it out because that movement is the death knell for "Democrat Lite", and they know it.

This kind of thing is going to get to be too much for the bulk of the country, and God willing there's going to be an electoral slaughter that will oust enough of the big government party men that we can actually return this country to some semblance of the freedom and prosperity we had before these totalitarian shitheads got their grimy mitts on the controls.

* * *

I had a dream last night with some weird computer equipment in it. The one that really stood out was built something like an Atari 520 ST, except that it had a curved lexan screen built into it. The screen was perhaps five inches tall, and when the guy powered it on, its text cursor was circular.

* * *

The other day I was looking at some videos on-line, and there was this one:

If you go to about 1:03 you see a late '80s Mustang racing an early '80s Malibu wagon. The wagon does an epic wheelstand, but as it does, you can see sparks shooting out from the engine, from approximately the accessory area--the fan, or what, I don't know, but there are a lot of them. The car gets up on one wheel (!) before the driver lets off the gas.

Then it hits the ground again, and the parachute kind of falls out the back...and that made me think of a wounded animal or something, the pathetic way it kind of drags behind the car as it rolls to a stop.

...those sparks, though--above a certain level of performance NHRA rules mandate that the front of the engine be solid-mounted by having a thick aluminum plate bolted to it and thence connected to the frame rails of the car. (It's a surprisingly low threshold, too.) Whatever was going on in there to make those sparks, I expect it wasn't pretty. Dang.

Mom drove one of those cars for years--not prepped for drag racing, but stock, obviously. That was a good car; it had the 4.3 liter V8 and it towed their sail boat just fine. The car went more than 150,000 miles before it threw a transmission, at which point Mom sold it and bought her Beretta.

* * *

Anyway, now it's time for me to relax. Finally.

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