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#4760: Shirt by Omar the Tentmaker!

So I've kept one of my official Geek Squad dress shirts in reserve, in case I ran out and needed a clean one. The other day I pulled it out of its wrapper and put it on, and then took it off and stared in disbelief at the label. I put it on again, and found that with the collar buttoned properly it was a hand-width too big on me.

Label said it's a 19" neck, which ordinarily fits me fine. But the neck is not 19"; it's much larger than that. What is the difference in circumference required to change the diameter by some 4 inches? C=2[pi]r or [pi]d, but I'm not particularly interested in doing all that algebra right now. Whatever it is, it's a fuckton, and it sure as hell ain't a 19" neck on that shirt, let me tell you.

The rest of the shirt was tailored to approximately the same specification, so I think this was a larger-necked shirt that got the wrong size tag on it. WTF.

* * *

Where is that cheap money going? It's not going to the people who really need it. The rich pay very low interest rates, while the poor pay usurious interest rates to the rich people loaning them money.
Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are nothing but criminal butlers for the oligarchy. The proof is undeniable at this point. While this unaccountable banking cartel promised us that 0% rates would help the economy, America’s growing underclasses are paying 100% rates for loans to buy sofas and pay for food, more than five years into this so-called “recovery. Meanwhile, the only segment of society with access to low interest rates are the very wealthy financial oligarchs who leverage this cheap money to speculate on financial assets and real estate. So yes, the Fed (Central Banking in general) is completely to blame for the world’s growing inequality, as are their submissive, compliant defenders in academia, “journalism” and within the halls of power in Washington D.C.
That about sums it up.

* * *

Plus side? The aluminim cans in my garage make me a multi-hundred quadrillionaire in Zimbabwe dollars!

* * *

Why pot should be legal. But of course if we legalize drugs, government loses a lot of authority and control over people. How will they justify asset forfeiture without the war on (some) drugs?

* * *

Well, it's June, and it's a typical June day outside. I got up on time this morning and made it to work on time, and had a reasonable day for once, and left on time and got my errands done; and since I don't have to get up early tomorrow I can relax a bit tonight.

...which is good because everything I've got hurts right now. Except my eye--it's still really red, but the swelling has gone down, and I've only had mild discomfort and no pain. No discharge, either, which is a huge plus; when I got up there was the normal morning gunk I always have, but nothing unusual. It's looking more and more like a blade of grass got blown into my eye and scratched the heck out of the conjunctiva, hence the redness and swelling and-and-and. When I went inside and rinsed out my eye there wasn't anything obvious (other than an eyelash, but there's no way this was the result of an eyelash). At this point I'm glad the whatever-it-was missed the cornea, because I probably would have had to go to the ER if that had happened.

Am I going to have to start wearing safety goggles when I cut the grass? WTF.

Even better, the schedule at work has been amended so I now have 20 hours next week rather than 9, yet still have the weekend off. So I work tomorrow and then have two days to relax, a day on, and two more off. I can get plenty of stuff done with that schedule, I think. I hope.

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