atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4762: This really is nice.

It's Saturday morning and it's quiet and I don't have to go anywhere today. I intend to go to the parts store for a couple of minor sundries for the Jeep (like license plate lights) but don't have to go today if I don't want to.

Rare, and very nice.

* * *

Apparently the railroad crossings in the Fungal Vale have been converted to silent ones. When I went to the village hall to get city stickers for the vehicles, the crossing there had the line of stakes and everything; and thinking about it afterwards I realized that it had been a while since I'd heard a train horn.

I'd known that this was being planned, but not when it was going to happen. It'll make things a bit quieter here in town, obviously, which can't hurt, and probably improve property values near the tracks.

* * *

Because the low last night was 55, and I had windows open, and closed them about 5 AM today when I got up to hit the can, I expect it'll be a few more hours at least before I need to decide whether the AC should go on. Current temp is reported as 88, and the dewpoint is a sticky 73, so the answer will probably be "yes".

* * *

In the "cheesy movie" department, the other day at work I saw a movie called Flight World War II. It's about a modern day airliner (a 757, I think) flying through a time warp and ending up in wartime Europe. When I've got $10 to spare I'm going to buy that sucker. Heh.

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