atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4763: It's STILL very nice.

74 inside the bunker with it approximately "sodden electric blanket" outside, no fans, no AC. (Yet.) Love it when I can cold-soak the place and not turn the AC on until late afternoon!

Also, after the last post I laid back down and snoozed a bit more, because I wanted to and I could. Ha!

...but I want to go outside and attend to the issues noted by the helpful police officer last night (argh etc) which means I'll shortly be sweating profusely, and probably swearing a lot.

The real gripe is that my favorite pair of sandals, vintage 2002, died while I was cutting the grass on Wednesday. I'd bought them in Florida in 2002, and they were very very good sandals (flip flops, if you must be technical) for years. Suede (or suede-like) straps, comfortable, a little large, sturdy as all get-out. Not like the cheap things you get for $3 at K-Mart which are stamped out of high density polyethylene foam and last a day or two.

This year I put them on and it was clear that the soles had perished: the rubber had hardened and when I tried to walk through the kitchen my feet nearly went out from under me. I kept using them, though, when I only needed something to slip on my feet for a few moments. But while I was cutting the grass, the sole on the right one broke in half and came off the insole, flopping around uselessly. I shut off the mower (I was using the pusher) and took them off, walked up the driveway barefoot, and just tossed them in the trash can. I didn't even try to fix it; it was clearly time to move on. Last year they were shedding chunks of sole from around the periphery, and this was the death knell.

I have another pair of flip-flops around here somewhere, but I don't know where they are, and they're not as comfortable or nice as the pair they replace. I'll have to try to find them, I guess.

As for the Jeep, before I shut everything off last night I tapped the license plate light, and it flickered on, then off again. I hope that means I just have a loose bulb, but it's probably not the way to bet. Plus side it's a license plate light and I can probably put a new socket in there and have it work tolerably well, if I have to, or figure something else out. Heck, a few LEDs soldered in place will do it if nothing else does. My license plate must be illuminated; it need not be lit by the light of an oil lamp fueled with the rare and precious oil from the Rock of Tolder, which can only be reached by delving the Icy Depths of Colodd, then climbing the Death Cliffs of Zaqdar, fording the River Mek, and battling the Three Demons.

A simple light bulb of some type will suffice. I think I can get that from Autozone.

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