atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4764: Popcorn showers

Took a little too long at the hardware store and it started raining as I was getting home. But today I have accomplished things.

1) Fixed the Jeep so cops won't pull me over. The license plate was "obstructed" by a line of rust from one of the bolts, and it took me perhaps 30 seconds with a damp sponge and some Ajax to remove the obstruction. I couldn't find the spare 194LL bulbs so I yanked the less-than-useful LED bulb from the motorcycle's speedometer; the Jeep's now 100% and as a bonus the LED bulb ought to last a long time. It should illuminate the plate enough to keep me from getting pulled over, anyway.

2) Got the city stickers put in the vehicles. Every year I find it easier to do because by now I've got the routine down and I finally have a good scraper. Now it's a matter of scraping off the old sticker, Windex or similar to remove the adhesive residue, scrape again and wipe clean. Apply new sticker. Done, total time about five minutes at the most per vehicle.

3) Errands: went to the parts store for 194LL bulbs, a new valve stem for the tire, and a hitch pin. Then went to the grocery store intending to get ant baits, but instead got cookies and cream cheese. Went to the hardware store next door for the ant baits.

...and as I said it started raining as I was getting home.

Besides the ant baits I got a little pod thingy you stick in the ground and water, and eventually it supposedly produces green peppers. We'll see how we do, but for $1.79 I can sure stick something in the ground and forget about it for a while. Prodded by that I looked for catnip seed and found none, so I left the hardware store with only one impulse buy.

And having had a hankering to play Diablo II I got around to finding my disks, and registered them with Blizzard so I no longer need the disks to install the game--just my account, password, and authenticator. As a bonus I found the Trio MP3 player that I was previously unable to locate, and it still seems to work. It's charging and I'll copy the music off it later on, but at least I found it.

Pretty intense rain, but it's not going to last very long, I don't think. And I'm going to go have a bagel now.

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