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#4766: GadZOOKS what's up with that damned weather

Dewpoint is a sodden 76° and it feels like the frickin' jungle out there. I'm talking "headwaters of the Amazon" kind of humidity, here.

In manga and anime, scenes set in June typically refer to the "rainy season". That's because in Japan, it gets sticky humid and rains a lot. Seems like the past few years, the Fungal Vale has had "rainy season" as well. Digging into the mists of time I realize that it's always been a lot like that, most years; it's rainy until about the second week of July, after which it's just hot most of the time.

But it's usually not this humid. A dewpoint of 76° is just stinkinous sticky. WTF.

* * *

You're not a black woman, no matter how you happen to feel about it. You're not even an octoroon, for crying out loud. You're white.

Handy guide to the American left's Newspeak. Elizabeth Warren is an indian, Bruce Jenner is a woman, this white woman is black--you get the idea.

* * *

Reporters all say the same nice things about Hillary because they know if they don't say the things Hillary wants them to say, they lose access. Access is much more important than talking about things Hillary doesn't want said.

Let a Republican try this and see what happens.

* * *

Did you see Og's new workbench? I'm jealous. Apparently the top weighs about three hundred pounds. That's some thick, solid wood, there, and Og's going to have a hard time doing more than incidental damage to that thing.

We were chatting about it the other night and he said, "It's a workbench, not a dining table" which is precisely the right spirit, IMHO. I remember the first time I got some grease on my workbench, and was starting to think about how to clean it up, and then realized: "It's a workbench, fool! It's 'clean' if something clean set on it doesn't get dirty; it doesn't matter how it looks." After that the ice was broken, and I no longer worry about it.

I don't think Og will have that problem; this isn't his first workbench.

* * *

How about that ep of Game of Thrones last night? SPOILER ALERT! (Though I'll be elliptical, a thoughtful reader who knows the story will guess.)

Circe's walk from Baelor's Sept to the Red Keep hit home for me (because something similar happened to a D&D character of mine) but she definitely deserved it. Still, I'm afraid that her reaction is going to plunge King's Landing into civil war, and the result is not going to help the world stand against the White Walkers and their army of undead. On the other hand, when Dany Targaryen comes swooping in with her new army of Dothraki and a couple of dragons, the capital city will be ripe for the taking.

There's gonna be war between Dorne and House Lannister, if not the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms, over what happened after Myrcella and Jamie left Dorne. No question.

Stannis Baratheon--crimony, he should have stood in bed.

Sansa's saga continues. It'll be interesting to see where she ends up now.

What the hell ever happened to Bran and Rickon Stark? We last saw Bran in the season before last, when he finally got to the tree he'd been seeking in the north. And Rickon--I don't recall the last time we saw him.

Jon Snow: what happened to him was logical, and it fit with everything that went before--it was not a bolt from the blue--but it was still a shock, and the mutiny means that the Night's Watch is now nothing more than a disorganized rabble rather than an effective fighting force. The Watch will likely serve only as a speed bump for the White Walkers when they get to the Wall.

BIGTIME SPOILER HERE but some people really need to get lives, gnome sane?

* * *

I must go make dinner now.

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