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#4768: I'm told that $SPORTS_TEAM won $BIG_GAME last night.

Go, $SPORTS_TEAM! Defeat that vile $OTHER_SPORTS_TEAM! Show them that we are the best!!!

...yeah, I really don't care.

* * *

Why did no one tell me that Francis Porretto was back in the blogging business? Don't any of you know how much I missed his blog? He was a staple of my blogroll until he hung up blogging at his old site (name forgotten) and there was never any forwarding information about the new one.

Well, I suppose that just means I have a bit of a backlog to churn through. Damned white-text-on-black format, though. *sigh*

* * *

The hunt for full time work continues. Yesterday, 6/15/15, at 1:11 PM, my e-mail inbox received a notification that someone-or-other was holding a hiring event, and I was invited to come on by with the usual documentation and such to apply/interview/etc. Sounded good, but for one minor little issue.

The event was being held on June 15, from 9 AM until 5 PM. It was 4:30 PM when I got the e-mail because I was at work all day. BIT BUCKET!!


To make matters even more entertaining, then, one job I applied for shunted me to a "call for a phone interview" thing. Turns out to be a scam. Guy's reading from a script; I tell him that I want to be in technical writing and his response is, after a medium pause, "I can definitely see you in a leadership role!" Asked about education I said that I had a bachelor's degree; no question about what it's in or how long ago; what made me hang up was when he later started talking about how finishing my degree would be helpful to my career aspirations. I'm not even sure I was talking to a human being; how's that for a Turing test?

That jibed rather nicely with what I read on-line about the company before I called them. "Gigats" is the name of the organization, and it's not about helping you get a job. I don't know what their deal is, and it would be a severe waste of time for me to find out. Fuck that shit.

* * *

So that white woman who felt black enough to claim to be black and work at the NAACP sued Howard University for discrimination because she was white. other words, as Karl Denninger points out, the woman is a racial opportunist, deciding what color she is on a particular day according to what is most advantageous to her. Yeah.

As far as that goes, I agree with JayG: if we must immediately begin referring to Bruce Jenner as "Caitlyn" and change our referential pronouns from "he" to "she" solely because the aforementioned Jenner has decided he's a she, why on Earth are we even having this conversation about Ms. Dolezal? Why is one lauded as "courageous" while the other is denounced as a fraud?

I think the answer is--as always--money. If you're black, if you can claim to be black and people have to accept it regardless of reality (as is the case with transsexuals like Bruce, who has not changed his name nor any other legal documentation re: his sex) then Affirmative Action loses its teeth and the lefty establishment loses a lot of power. If a white person is allowed to get away with claiming to be black (or other "protected classes") then white people will do so in order to avail themselves of the artificial opportunities afforded to black people based solely on their skin color.

Ms. Dolezal would have been better off taking the Elizabeth Warren route and claiming to be indian. At least she has some indian in her family tree.

* * *

Dumbass wants a neck tattoo then cites bigotry and discrimination as the reason she can't get it. Bonus points for Ace including the Alan Parsons' Project single "Games People Play" at the end. Whee!

...I know every last damned note of that song. Why did they cut the guitar solo short? WTF.

Anyway, woman wanting nect tattoo--the artist who refused her and got put "on blast" has a response.

"I'd had 'Mother' tattooed on my forearm at a carnival. Mom had been distressed, Dad disgusted; he suggested I leave it as a reminder not to be a witling." (More or less. From memory, Heinlein's Have Space Suit--Will Travel.)

* * *

As muggy as it was yesterday, today it is blissfully dry and cool. Perfect Fiero-tinkerin' weather!

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