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4-hour shift in the noise box turned into a 4.6 hour shift because everybody decided that today was the day to get their computers fixed. I was at work a few minutes early, started to attend to the opening checklist, and then GOT MOBBED beginning at 10 AM. Argh etc.

Making things even better? The AC in that part of the store was off for the first three hours. I was sitting at the counter helping a woman and sweat was running down my face. It was nice and cool over by the executive office and break room, but that's on the opposite side of the store.

I did have perhaps a minute where I could sit in front of a fan and try to cool off. Otherwise I was at the counter helping clients the entire time I was at work. I stayed an extra forty minutes (more or less) because I'm not going to leave on-time when EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is waiting for Geek Squad and there's only one person scheduled for counter duty. I try not to do that to anyone, because I sure as hell don't like being left hung out to dry like that.

...would not have been so bad if the firkin' AC had gone on at open. Shit. Well, I lived through it, anyway.

* * *

Mobile browsers suck.

The version of Chrome on my tablet is not customizable, has no ability to incorporate ad blocking or other useful software, has a crappy way of displaying bookmarks (which you cannot organize), and if the unit is running updates it's slow. I've also tried Firefox's mobile browser, but it's not any better than Chrome is.

I really don't understand why that is. Why can't I use Adblock? Why can't I reorder my bookmarks to suit myself without deleting and re-entering them all?

Tabbed browsing sucks even worse. It doesn't retain tabs in memory, so if you click to another tab, it must load that tab before you can read it. When you go back to the tab you were previously looking at, it must reload that tab, and if there's a page break ("Click here to read more") it doesn't remember which of them are open, and you must re-click each link to read more.

Further, it crashes every time it shows a web page that has too much stuff on it. Sometimes you can read a few words before the page bombs the browser back to the desktop. Being able to install an ad blocker would prevent a lot of this, but of course you cannot install browser extensions like that because Chrome for Android is not made to use extensions.

There are a handful of user settings for the browser. None of them does anything useful.

To make things even more entertaining, then, the update issue--I have told my device that it is not to install updates without permission, yet it automatically installs updates approximately whenever the hell it feels like it. I removed several apps solely because they updated every time I wanted to do something else, and got sick of the messages popping up while I was trying to read something on line. The version of Chrome that originally shipped on the device worked fairly well, as I recall, but it has since undergone several "upgrades" which have made it less stable and useful than the prior version.

Surfing on the tablet is clunky and slow. When you get the mobile version of a web site, it's even money whether "request desktop site" will get you to the non-stupid version of the web site you want to see. You cannot tell the browser to always request the desktop version of a site, either, so you must always tell it to load the desktop version for every site, every time you visit.

These things have a long way to go.

* * *

I really hope the weather forecast is accurate. It'd be nice if it didn't rain again before Wednesday at least--that way the ground might dry out enough that I could cut the grass.

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