atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4775: I know it's really not the best thing to eat, but I like it

Pasta, with butter and garlic powder. It'd be healthier for me to eat the butter alone (as if it were ice cream) and skip the pure carbohydrates in their entirety. It would give me the runs, but it'd be better for my glycemic index regardless.

Still, I like it, and I made too much pasta for dinner the other day. We didn't have much simple-to-cook stuff in the house nor stuff which would not require that I run the oven for half an hour. We were also out of spaghetti sauce, so I cooked some ravioli for Mrs. Fungus and put butter and garlic powder on them; then I cooked a couple italian sausages for me, and had them with pasta wheels also dressed with butter and garlic powder. (Mrs. Fungus doesn't like italian sausage. Except on pizza.) End result was dinner for two, easy-peasy, without heating up the house or ordering takeout.

...except I made too much of the pasta wheels. Now I am eating the leftovers.

Mrs. Fungus said, "I'm amazed how you can whip up a delicious meal out of nothing!" It's really not that big a deal, since we had the sausage and the ravioli in the freezer. And I learned how to forage during my mother's severe alcoholic period, in the late 1970s. Some of my meals were better than others (I recall making several peanut butter and brown sugar sandwiches. The thought of that now makes my teeth and pancreas ache) but I didn't starve. That was when I learned how to make garlic butter noodles.

Could be worse. Right?

* * *

So, No Man's Sky sounds even more interesting to me now than it did when I first learned about it. It sounds like it's going to be an open-ended "builder" game, which is always fun, and I expect I could get lost in that crap pretty quickly. I'm looking forward to its release.

Steven Den Beste links to this AoSHQ gaming post and the first thing in the post is a clip of the VR demonstrator Summer Lesson. This version shows more of the girl than the last one, and I have to say she almost looks real. (Which is the point, of course.)

* * *

Well, I want to at least get the front yard cut. I'd better get moving before the sun sets or it rains again.

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