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#4776: Yeah, that was it.

January 30, 2014. Here's what I had to say about Man of Steel:
Mrs. Fungus and I watched Man of Steel and I wish we hadn't wasted the money on the pay-per-view, because it was not very good.

1) We didn't care about any of the characters. Not Superman, not Lois Lane, not General Zod, not even Laurence F-ing Fishburne as Perry White.

2) The movie tried to tell too much story. Superman's origin story plus the story of Zod plus the story of Jor El and the end days of Krypton plus....

3) Refrigerator moment which is a spoiler: why the fuck would Zod want to Krypton-form Earth, killing all its inhabitants, when Earth conditions leave kryptonians with superpowers? When there are seven billion potential slaves who are utterly powerless against kryptonians? (The movie makes it plain, over and over and over again, that the krytonians are utterly invincible against anything humans can do.) I can see Zod bringing back the Kryptonian race, but why bring back a bunch of weaklings when his stated reason for existence is the survival of the kyrptonian race?

4) Ham-fisted writing. We were bludgeoned with Lois Lane being a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and a tough-talking reporter in an exchange that lasted about three lines and which the greatest actors in history could not have delivered well enough to save. The people acting in this movie never had a chance; they were shit lines, and instead of being valuable characterization they merely induced epic eyerolls. It was the standard exposition of, "Oh yeah, Lois Lane can take on the men and win, you betcha!" ...after which she was 100% typical female heroine, needing to be rescued from just about goddamned everything and being totally incapable of fending for herself, even against non-superpowered kryptonians. There wasn't even a chick fight between her and General Zod's assistant, not even before the kryptonians got superpowers.

5) "Dick splash". In one of the "Clark Kent's horrible childhood" scenes we were treated to some doofus calling him a "dick splash" shortly before Clark Kent saved his life. This is such an asnine, nonsensical insult that I can't even get a handle on what it means. Does it mean Clark is urine? Or semen? Or what? Regardless, this was the most entertaining thing in the movie.

I will give the movie points for correctly showing what an actual fight would be like between beings like Superman. (Hint: local property values declined rather sharply.) Sadly, the fight scenes weren't entertaining and the spectacle wasn't enough to save the movie.

I've never been very happy with the various Superman movies, but the ones with Christopher Reeves were superior to this...extrusion.

Now, the interesting part of all this comes from my school days. I was friends with people who vastly preferred Marvel comics to DC, and Superman was one of the reasons why; overall DC just seemed weaker in the writing department. To be fair Marvel hit the skids in the same way later on, but not to the same extremes that DC hit. (Superman's dead! He's alive again! Now he's alive but lost his powers! Now he's got them back! Now he's dead but has come back as a zombie! Now he's alive again! Now he's a vampire! Now he's a vampire-werewolf! Now he's a vampire-werewolf-brony! Now he's Wonder Woman and a lesbian! Now we're not sure what he is but he's not Superman! Now he's Superman again and we're rebooting the canon and all that stuff in the middle was a dream!) The success of the recent Batman movies is driving the reissue of the Superman ouerve, but unfortunately it's not being handled at all well.

Compare that to the Marvel stuff; Iron Man is solid entertainment and the rest of their recent movies are well-executed. (Marvel had its flops. Daredevil and Electra were utter shit, but the former movie came out more than a decade ago and the latter was a contractural obligation. The mistakes they made in those movies have not been repeated. Learning from failure--what a concept!)
Mrs. Fungus did not remember seeing Man of least not until I read that part to her just now and got to "5) "Dick splash", at which point she started laughing uproariously.

That's the only thing she remembers from that movie. Yeah, it wasn't very good, was it? Superman Returns was vastly superior.

* * *

I managed to get the grass cut, most of it. The immediate back yard is a swamp, with standing water by the sundial (again), but the east 40 and the front yard were cuttable, so I cut them.

Here's how my day went:
1) 5 hours' work, starting time 10 AM, requiring that I get up at 8:30
2) Stop at store for sundries on way home
3) Cut grass
4) Cook dinner
This is what it looks like when you're not a lazy sack of crap. I could have made all kinds of excuses why I couldn't cut the grass today, but it needed cutting and it wasn't going to get cut unless I cut it. (Holy crap did it need cutting.) The most amazing thing is that I had the energy to get that stuff done.

...not that I argued with Mrs. Fungus when, around 8-ish, she suggested we go lay down for a while. I slept for 2.5 hours, and I needed that sleep, let me tell you.

Part of it was that work, today, wasn't a long series of frustrations and annoyances. The idiot who thinks her musical preferences trump all other considerations--and that she has a right to turn the stereo up such that no one can think about anything other than AAWWWWN A TUUEESDAY!!, nor hear clients on the telephone, nor have a conversation at a reasonable level--was not there today, so I wasn't inundated with craptastic shitmusic played too loud for concentration while trying to attend to technical matters. (There are two of them, in fact, both of whom don't seem to understand that being able to listen to music while you work is not a right.) I spent a lot of time in back, in fact, trying to make sense out of a machine's driver issues while simultaneously juggling three other repairs and a PC setup, but that's easy-peasy-squeezy compared to dealing with morons who think I can figure out what's wrong with their laptop without a battery or an AC adapter, and don't appear to understand the arcane technical fact that YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICE WILL NOT FUNCTION IN THE ABSENCE OF ELECTRICITY.

...but I avoided about 95% of a typical day's idiocy, for once, and I therefore had that energy left to do other things, like cut grass and cook dinner.

The nicest part of it all was that I had just enough work to keep me busy without being overworked or overstressed.

...just got to get through Monday, now, which is likely to make up for an almost pleasant Sunday at work. *sigh*

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