atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4779: I'm starting to wonder how long it'll get before I'm able to cut it.

Since it's rained just about every day in the last ten days, the immediate back yard is a swamp. With last night's rain there's again--still--standing water by the sundial.

When I cut the rest of the grass on Sunday, there wasn't standing water, but the sod in the back yard was squishing and the tires of the tractor were soaking wet just from rolling over it. In fact, in a couple of places I left muddy tracks on the grass.

Too much water.

By my rough estimation it's going on two weeks since I was able to cut the back yard. I just have to wonder how much longer it's going to be rainy like this, because I sure can't cut it when it's this soggy. The tractor will leave ruts and the pusher won't have the guts to cut grass this wet.

The dewpoint yesterday was 76 as I was leaving work; big surprise that we had epic thunderstorms with that much moisture in the air. Reportedly there were five tornadoes last night.

There was no sign of severe weather yesterday in the Fungal Vale, not before about 10 PM, but reportedly things were pretty severe north and west of here for most of the day.

...anyway, today the dewpoint is about 58 and it's severe clear. We ought to have decent weather for a day or two, and that sounds good to me. "Chance of a thunderstorm" on two days out of the next seven, so hopefully I'll be able to get that back yard cut before July.

Otherwise? Well, anyone know where I could borrow a herd of goats for a couple days?

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