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#4782: Thinking about throwing up another story.

Either here, or somewhere. Not sure about the details yet. "Ve let you know."

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Of course the TPP bill is going to remain secret until after it's been passed into law. You see, the American people, they stupidly and selfishly cling to their self-interests--things like having jobs so they can pay their bills, you know, and not live in grinding abject poverty--even when their self-interests get in the way of the elites' self-interests, which are much more important. After all, there are about a billion proles around but there's only one John Boehner or Barack Obama, see?

And it's pretty clear that John Boehner regards us as proles whose sole function is to vote for him and his, and thus lend some veneer of legitimacy to his rule. Public debate is passe because the sitting government is so much smarter than everyone else, and knows what's best, and has all the data and information needed to make the right decisions for everyone. People like the middle-aged college-educated men who can only find menial customer-service jobs--well, you know how it is; omelette, egg, know what I mean?


Obamatrade is not going to be good for the average American. You can tell that much just by looking at how the government is moving to keep it out of public debate, how the parties are working to pass it by hook or by crook. If it were something good for the American people, it would be trumpeted from the highest mountains; notice that a tax cut, for example, is never passed in secret.

But the incontinent desire of the D.C. establishment to get this thing passed ASAP before anyone can stop it--and the bipartisan nature of the incontinence--that demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obamatrade will be very good for incumbent politicians and the large industries that pack their war chests with money.

That second link, about Boehner, is highly emblematic of what is wrong with the GOP today. They run conservative to win votes, then govern as "Democrat Lite", and feed us horseshit like "Well, we tried to cut spending, but we just couldn't do it this time. Maybe if you vote for us again we'll have better luck in two years." But they never have "better luck" because luck has nothing to do with it, and they think we're so stupid that we're incapable of knowing when they're pulling bullshit on us. (Which is nearly all the time.)

They won't stand up to Democrats because they want the same things the Democrats want. They merely want to be in charge of it instead of Democrats.

* * *

Sing along, folks! There's no inflation! ...except that there is, and it's a lot more pervasive than our government is willing to admit.

Everything is more expensive now than it was eight years ago, including meat, cheese, bread, vegetables, fuel, and housing. No matter how the government massages the numbers to make it look as if inflation is under control, inflation is not under control.

D.C. bureaucrats can pat themselves on the back on a job well done, but the old computer science aphorism seems apt: "Garbage in, garbage out." It would be an improvement if it were only garbage.

* * *

Borepatch comes out of blog-retirement to post about "Frivolity" and lists several things our news media aren't discussing. What will they talk about?

"Some people don't like a flag. And Bruce Jenner says that he's a woman."

* * *

Where do I sign up to be a hub? The bunker probably isn't sited very well for this, though. Free 100 Mbps Internet, just let them install a couple antennas on your roof...I could live with that.

* * *

525 DOS games! Reading that list of titles takes me back, all right. Looks like you have to download the whole schmeer, but let's face it: most of those games fit on a single 1.2 MB 5.25" floppy--lots of them fit on the 360k format--and those 525 games won't come to half a gigabyte. Floristica has a thousand gigabytes of storage, for crying out loud. I waste more space on duplicate file storage than that.

...and in fact the ZIP file is 133 MB. Yeah, that's nothing, these days. (It's a stack of 1.2 MB floppies about two feet high, but there's a reason we don't use floppy disks any longer.)

* * *

Newest WoW expansion went live yesterday--the second part of the "Warlords of Draenor" expansion--and we had some fun with it. Time for more!

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