atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4785: So, it's one of THOSE days, is it?

I cut myself shaving. Not the ordinary cut, mind you; I was going over my right jawline a second time to get the stubble and swung my hand a bit too far back, and when it went forward again the razor planed off a little bit of earlobe--a chunk perhaps 1/16" wide and 3/16" long, perhaps 1/32" thick--just enough to bleed like crazy for the next ten minutes, making me late for work. *sigh*

Work was the usual that I've come to expect from the soul-sucking noise box. The one upside was that I had help on the counter until 8 PM, and the guy who only works in back and who rarely seems to show up for his shifts was actually there, too.

It rained steadily all f-ing day. I won't be cutting the grass this weekend.

I found out that my excellent schedule for the coming week got cut by one day. Did my boss cut the day that would give me four days off in a row and bring the schedule in line with my availability? Why? She cut Monday rather than Tuesday, of course!

..left work a few minutes after closing, stepped outside with my umbrella, went to open it, pop!...the stick came right out of the thing, leaving me with a stick in one hand and the rest of the umbrella in the other. I just looked at the stick for a few moments before sighing and trudging out to the Jeep.

I might be able to fix it. I might even bother to try.

All of this on top of learning that we're no longer a nation of free men, but subjects, ruled by the whims of nine unelected lawyers.

I read this to Mrs. Fungus who then agreed that perhaps we ought to move to Texas after all.

* * *

Last night I discovered that there's a program running on my computer that interferes with the sound. It's called "Waves MAXXAudio", and it was installed at the factory. It seems to be some kind of signal processing thing, supposedly to make the thing sound better.


When I turned it off, suddenly I could hear the bass coming from my subwoofer. The Automatic Gain Control that was warping the volume levels also went away.

I discovered this because Mrs. Fungus was complaining that her speakers sounded odd, so I tweaked her sound settings--and then fiddling with my own machine (which is the exact same configuration as hers) I found this stupid crap, and disabled it. Then I had to go back and work on her machine again.

Anyway, now I can hear the bass in everything, because that stupid "Waves MAXXAudio" thing isn't shitting all over it and AGCing it to death.

Problem is, the system has the Realtek audio manager, which is part of the sound card driver package, and which provides all the same audio processing features as the MAXXAudio crap does. So if you have two of these things running, they crap all over each other, and it makes for cruddy sound.

I'll probably end up removing that software entirely. WTF.

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