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#4786: Well, that worked out rather nicely.

Okay, it's going to be noisy in a major electronics store; you can't avoid that. But today I managed to avoid having to listen to six hours of the same urban/hip-hop shitmusic over and over and over again. It was not quiet but it was quieter, and I'll take it.

The weather today is gorgeous, cool and dry. I can't cut the grass (swamp! after it rained all day yesterday) but that's a feature, not a bug, because after closing last night and opening today the last thing I want to do is more work.

Now it's evening, I don't have to be at work as early tomorrow, and I can relax a bit.

* * *

Thursday I went to pick up pills from Walmart, and decided I'd take the bike. Of course, after I was on my way, it decided to drizzle. Then it decided light rain was better. It quit raining after my first stop but continued to drizzle, on and off, for my entire outing...until I was perhaps half a mile from home, at which point the sun started to come out. *sigh*

Anyway, it wasn't the first time I rode the bike in the rain, and I won't melt. Mainly I was just moistened slightly, anyway, and at that it was mainly my shins that got wet.

Anyway, the bike needs a clutch adjustment again, and some other maintenance items. I'd thought, when I was leaving work, that I might do that this afternoon; but once I was out of the noise for a bit I relaxed and the fatigue hit me, and I started re-thinking that plan.

I have some time off coming soon, anyway. F it.

* * *

So the new patch to WoW includes a shipyard; you build ships and send them on missions. The ships get randomly-generated names but you can rename them as you see fit, just about.

The first ship I renamed was a destroyer, and I named it Piss-Poor Judgement. After that a transport got named The Leaky Crate, and I decided thereafter that all my ship names would be in the same vein. On the horde side, Erogami got a destroyer with the default name Vol'jin's Glaive and when I tried to rename it Vol'Jin's Grave the client rejected it as having too many apostrophes (WTF, the default name had two) so I tried doing just the possessive, rather than the voicing mark--an apostrophe that's not indicating a contraction indicates a pause in pronunciation--so I typed "Voljin's Testicle". That worked, so I renamed it Voljin's Grave...for one day. In bed, Mrs. Fungus and I were giggling at each other over "Voljin's Testicle" and so the next time I got on, I switched it back. ("Take a ride on Vol'jin's Testicle, mon!")

Sung to the tune of the theme from Love Boat:
Exciting and new
Come aboard
We're expecting you!
Vol'jin's Testicle!
Soon will be making another run
Vol'jin's Testicle!
It's such a shame that he has just one
...which sent us into hysterics. I was barely able to get that last line out before busting a gut myself. Vol'jin himself would be the captain, of course. Sylvanas would be the cruise director. I think I like Thrall best as Gopher. Yeah, and Stamp Thunderhorn should be the bartender. ("Ahh, I've been expecting you.") There's an NPC, a Forsaken guy, who's head of the Alchemical Society (which is always working on an improved version of the undead plague that helped create the Forsaken in the first place), he'd be perfect for the ship's doctor.

It could be worse. I could have started in with Welcome Back, Kotter, instead.

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