atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4789: Only 1.8 fiascos today! Well, how very nice.

So, today ended up being the day for the bunker to get an updated cable modem.

We took our old one in to a Comcast service center, then did some other errands. Got home, then I started in on the reconfiguration.


...after lots of pain in the ass, I got the new modem/router installed, and functioning properly, and I didn't have to sacrifice a goat to do it. It only seems that way.

On the plus side, the internet access seems faster now that everything is working. I only had to do a hard reset on the modem three times and call Comcast tech support to get them to reset it from their end. But now I have it customized so we I don't have to change the SSID and passwords in all our wireless devices, and the transition to the new hardware is therefore seamless. And the filing cabinet which holds our comm gear and its UPS looks neater, to boot.

* * *

Other fiascos:

Last Friday I mentioned that my schedule had been changed, and my Monday deleted. A little annoyed about it, I nonetheless made plans for Monday; since I had the day off I could get some things done (like swap out the modem for a newer, faster model). No problem! Heck, I could even sleep until noon, maybe a little later, without causing any trouble. That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

I did not sleep until noon. I woke up needing the toilet, and just as I was getting to sleep from that Mrs. Fungus brought in my phone, telling me it was making noise. Turned out to be text messages from work: coworker saying "Could you come in today?" and, about an hour later, boss saying, "Hey, I see that the schedule is changed and you originally worked today at 10...."

Wanting me to come in, I suppose, but she didn't actually say so. I tried calling, got no answer, then texted; eventually my boss replied, asking me if I could come in, but by then Mrs. Fungus and I were out and about. I asked the boss what time she wanted me to come in, since I was at least 90 minutes away from being available at all. No answer thereafter.

I mean, for crying out loud--if you need me at the store on Monday, why was my schedule changed? I mean, my boss--my direct supervisor--is in charge of the schedule, so why was it changed without her knowledge? Who changed it, and why? And why didn't they run it past her first?

As recently as yesterday my schedule showed that I wasn't scheduled for work today. I simply followed my schedule, yet somehow I have a feeling that I am going to be blamed for this stupid crap.

I'll work the hours they schedule me for, but I'm not going to second-guess the schedule. Okay, in the past eight months everyone in the store has gotten an e-mail from the managerial staff explaining to us what we should and should not do with regard to work hours. We are not to work outside our schedule. We're to punch in no earlier than five minutes before, and no later than five minutes after, our scheduled shifts, except as directed by management. Furthermore we're directed to check the scheduler every day to watch for changes, and to follow those changes. So if the schedule changes, what else am I supposed to do?

The most frustrating part is the on-off-on bullshit. WTF, get your shit together, already.

* * *

We found a new oriental restaurant, almost entirely by accident: we were going to Hamada in Tinley Park, but they were closed; Mrs. Fungus looked up a place on the GPS which ended up being about a quarter mile from there, and it turned out to be a newly-reopened Japanese-Chinese restaurant.

With REAL ramen.

Real ramen, the kind that comes in a big bowl, with all kinds of good stuff in it (not just noodles and broth) and as a bonus, today was half-price ramen day.

It was good. the next time there's money in the budget for eating out, there's a chance we might end up there again.

(Yeah, I've forgotten the name already. I took a carry-out menu with me, though, so eventually I can report that fact.)

* * *

Anyway, with all of today's nonsense attended to, I have only tomorrow's to worry about. That's enough for me!

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