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#4792: Sure you can use public land...if you treat the bureaucrats like royalty.

Burning man isn't my thing, but this is simply crazy.

Short form: the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) made some demands of the Burning Man organizers:
The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is asking Burning Man organizers to build a separate compound with amenities such as flushing toilets, washers and dryers, and 24-hour access to ice cream for government officials staying in Black Rock City.

...The meals suggested by BLM officials in their permit demand included sirloin steak and prime rib along with the aforementioned 24-hour supply of ice cream. The attendees, meanwhile, get very little in the way of amenities as part of the event’s design. About the only nod to human comfort supplied by organizers are Port-a-Potties.
Sirloin steak? Prime rib? Do these bureaucrats realize they are trying extract graft from people who wish to use public land?

There ought to be prosecutions over this, not just retractions. A public official who demands special accommodations in exchange for licenses or permits is ASKING FOR A FUCKING BRIBE. Which, the last time I checked, is a FELONY.

Of course, it's possible that the Supreme Court has bent that law out of recognizable shape since the last time I checked.

* * *

Anti-gun Democrat Leland Yee pleads guilty to charges of supplying illegal machine guns and rocket launchers to California gangs.

I need add nothing.

* * *

"The reasons you should accept gay marriage could never be used to advocate polygamy!" And now, of course, the predicted outcome of legalized homogamy has come to pass. Next up: pedogamy, because "two people" have a right to get married! SCOTUS said so! #Lovewins! And after that, zoogamy, because how can you say members of two different species couldn't fall in love? #Lovewins, HITLER! HA, HA!!!


* * *

Dictionary of obscure sorrows and it has some awesome-sounding words in it: zenosyne (time gets faster as you get older), exulansis (you just don't understand my problems), onism (not to be confused with onanism...though in fact too much onanism can lead to onism if you think about it), Altschmerz--which I often experience when finding myself writing about the ozone hole--and the one that is probably my defining characteristic:
n. the feeling that no matter what you do is always somehow wrong—that any attempt to make your way comfortably through the world will only end up crossing some invisible taboo—as if there’s some obvious way forward that everybody else can see but you, each of them leaning back in their chair and calling out helpfully, colder, colder, colder.

Some of the things on that site are not actually sorrows, though.

* * *

After our errands, the last post, and bruninner (breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one) I ended up hitting the hay, incapable of remaining awake one moment longer. I slept for several hours; and when I woke up it was cold in the bunker. Closed the windows because I do not fancy running the heat in F-ING JULY but it's currently 56° outside.

Yeah, that global warming is a bitch, aina?


Anyway, we came within about a day of having a blank sun for the first time since 2009--awful close to the peak of just-past solar maximum for a nearly-blank sun, and the sunspot count never did drop to zero. Point is, Svensmark Hypothesis, global cooling, Maunder minimum, yada yada.

Mrs. Fungus observed that this year and last were awful cool and rainy compared to prior years, and I didn't bother to start up the global warmenating rant machine because I've said it all before and she's heard it all, too--but with the sun having almost blank days this soon after a solar maximum it's not terribly surprising. Weather is not climate but it's been seventeen years since the global temperature anomaly went up in response to rising temperatures (as opposed to idiots pissing in the soup so they'd better enjoy its flavor) and I'd wager that sometime in the next five or ten years we'll see a cooling trend.

Warming would be good for us, but I don't think it's an accident that all this shit in the world is going wrong just as the sun is in a downturn; if you look at the cycles of history you can see how well they coincide with the sunspot data. It's almost as if that huge ball of fusing hydrogen has an effect on the Earth or something.

* * *

My favorite tool for ripping CD audio and converting it to MP3 is a little program calld "CDex". It's freeware and works very well; I've used various versions of it for more than a decade.

This evening--wanting to rip "Point of Know Return" to MP3 so I could listen to it on my MP3 player--I went to the publisher's site and downloaded the most recent version.

Now, with the new modem here in the bunker, it downloaded fast. It's only a couple of megabytes, but it was finished downloading almost as soon as I clicked "save". Went to the folder, tried to run it...and Webroot promptly popped up a malware warning and deleted the file.

This was from the publisher's own f-ing site.

Fortunately, the previous version was not infected with anything, and it works fine under Win 8.1. And kudos to Webroot, which actually did what it was supposed to do and prevented a malware infection.

Generally speaking I really like Webroot, and not just because I got it for free. It f-ing works, it's seamless and silent, and only pops up a message if something is wrong. (Unlike other security suites, in which you must manually disable audio warnings and all kinds of other crap.) I can see myself continuing to use Webroot, especially if I--after Best Buy--can renew it without actually having to go to Best Buy or deal with their on-line or phone doofazoids. Holy shit, working there makes me never want to go there again; I kind of understand why my oldest sister flatly refused to go to McDonald's after working there for a year or so at age 18.

But I ripped the audio, and downloaded it to the MP3 player, and it plays. Whee! And I needed this program for the Great APP Rip Project I'll be working on eventually, so it's all good.

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