atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4793: Thursday!

Stop the presses! I actually got to sleep in today! Nothing disturbed my sleep! Holy crap!

Now all I have to do is enjoy the rest of my day. Chore day tomorrow, then.

I'm going to cut grass, and work on the Jeep's tire valve thing, and whatever else I decide to do. Have a couple of phone calls to make.

The tire valve--I'm going to have to break the bead to get at it, which means letting all the air out of the tire first. I expect to lay a 2x4 across the tire and lower the Jeep onto the 2x4, thus popping loose the bead enough for me to get at the valve from the inside of the rim. Then just hit it with air from the compressor to reseat the bead and inflate the tire. I've done this kind of job before; it's not rocket science. It's just a pain. Since I'm only popping the bead on one side the tire shouldn't shift on the rim, but I'm going to mark it just to make sure.

Hopefully that'll take care of the leak, and I won't have to putz around with it any more.

* * *

Independence Day is Saturday. Whee!

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