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#4795: I'm not even gonna.

All kinds of stuff came up on the Intartubzors today, but I'm going to eschew politics because fuck leftism with a rusty, radioactive chain saw.


Last night I took two racks of ribs and seasoned them with my BBQ rub, then sealed them in foil and left them in the refrigerator. Today around 3 PM, while I was at work, Mrs. Fungus took them out of the fridge and popped them into the oven.

By the time I got home? Falling-off-the-bone done. Slapped the sauce on, about 25 more minutes, then FEAST. Corn on the cob and baked potatos. Key Lime pie for dessert. Win.

We have some fireworks left over from last year we'll be lighting, so that'll be nice, and it looks like the guy to the east of us who always has a huge arsenal is having a mega-party tonight. As I drove past there on my way home I saw tents and a driveway crowded with vehicles, and I said to myself, "Oh, dick."

I wonder when that balloon goes up.

Anyway, so we're going to light some fuses and eat some ribs and enjoy ourselves as much as we can, bearing in mind that I must be at work again tomorrow morning. *sigh*

* * *

Blister on the webs between tumbs and forefingers, from raking without gloves on. The one on my right hand is fine; the one on my left hand was skinned and pretty bad. It was fine when I got up, but after shaving and showering the crust must've gotten washed off, because it oozed and wept serous seepage for about half the day at work. It's in a spot where bandages simply WILL NOT STICK--not for long--and I kept trying to keep them on with duct tape until I got pissed off and simply wrapped a paper towel around it. For some reason that stopped the seeping, and it dried to a decent scab, finally.

Of course, that was after the flow of clients dropped off to zero. It was moderately busy until perhaps 1 PM, at which point it tapered off to nothing at all by 3, and I spent the last three hours of my shift basically trying to find things to do. A half-hour lunch break at 2:30 helped, though not as much as I'd hoped it would. Argh etc.

Still, I made some money today, which ought to help.

Wagger gripe: boss saw me sitting and doodling (I was drawing useless circuits) and said, "I wish I didn't have anything to do!"

...she made, today, in one shift, about what I'll get for two weeks' worth of part-time work. You want to trade? You can sit here doing nothing because there are no clients, but you'll have your work performance judged by idiots and live a life of quiet desperation, wondering how you'll pay your bills. Meanwhile I'll get to make stupid snarky comments at my underlings and perhaps maybe actually be able to think about taking my wife out to dinner once in a while. Fair?


* * *

Anyway, it's July 4, Independence Day, and I only had to tell two people the date today. It could be worse.


Observe the ribs! They fornicate!

Useless circuits:

I kind of messed up drawing the one at the bottom. The revised portion of the circuit is on the right.

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