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#4797: Well, made it to my Friday, I think.

Yesterday I left home a few minutes late for what I thought was going to be a six-hour day. When I got to work and logged into the timekeeping system to punch in, I saw that no, I was there for eight hours.

It's fine; I need the money. But it would have been nice to be prepared for an eight-hour day (and yeah, I know whose fault it was that I wasn't). Instead of packing a lunch, I packed a snack, and only two bottles of Pepsi. Takes three to get me through eight hours.

...actually, I ran out of ham making yesterday's breakfast. I usually make a ham-and-cheese sandwich and eat it on my way to work, and there were exactly four slices left; I couldn't have made a second sandwich anyway. For "snack" I usually make a three-slice PBJ, PB on two slices and J on the third. Cheap, nutrituous, portable, and doesn't require refrigeration.

Ended up taking a trip to Culver's at lunch time. $8 for a deluxe double basket, but by the time I get enough food at any fast food place I'm looking at least at $5, and at that point $3 more isn't going to break the bank.

I ordered what I almost always order: deluxe double, no tomato, but with ketchup and mustard. As you can see from that description, the sandwich normally does not have ketchup and mustard on it. It's everything I want in a hamburger if they don't put the tomato on it, and add ketchup and mustard. Every time I go to the one in the Fungal Vale I order it the same way I ordered it over there: "deluxe double, no tomato, but with ketchup and mustard."

What did I get? I got a deluxe double with ketchup and mustard only.

Now--why would I say what I say if I just wanted K&M? Why wouldn't I just say "K&M only"? I want the lettuce, onion, pickle, and mayo on there; I also want K&M and I don't want the tomato. Nobody else has trouble understanding this. WTF.

And I didn't have time for them to make me another one the right way, so I ate it as it was.

* * *

I had to stop at the store on the way home lest our cats starve. Picked up a couple sundries besides cat food, and I'd thought to buy ham too but didn't--too much line at the deli, too few good prices on ham--so today I'm having leftovers for breakfast. That's fine. "Leftovers" include a slice of key lime pie for dessert.

* * *

The parade of ship names continues. Erogami's got Voljin's Testicle and The Sinkable and Zen'kiki Real Sorry, but I added Insipid and now have a submarine called Davy Jones' Locker. I have a total of eight ships in my fleet now, including a battleship named Angry John. (In order to understand that name in its proper context, recall please that Erogami's backstory includes having been a prostitute in an orc brothel. That's why this ugly green she-hulk is named "sex goddess" in Japanese.) That's six of the eight, but I can't remember the last two and I'm going to feel kind of stupid when I log on next. ("Ohh, of course, how could I forget...?")

* * *

Today is my Friday, of course, as usual. Tomorrow is going to be another garage day. It's got to be done, and I'm the only person who can do it! Yeaahhh!!!

...hoping to get the Jeep vacuumed out, too, and maybe cleaned up a bit inside besides that. It's a pigsty in there, damn it.

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