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#4799: Well, that certainly explains it.

For the past week or so, I've been suffering from a scratchy throat. Right about the time we got that first hit of 55 degree weather I had some soreness in the tonsils, and I was worried that I was getting another bout of the death tonsillitis. But that went away after a day or two, or rather it moved downstream a bit and turned into scratchiness in the throat. Not bad, certainly not enough to comment on, but constant. Some gunk coming from the sinuses made my voice crack here and there even as the scratchy throat was receding. About like a moderate to severe allergy attack, nothing more than that.

Yesterday I could not stay awake. Woke up in the morning, had a snack, read a bit, went back to sleep until after 2; was up for a couple hours, then went to sleep again until it was almost dark out. I don't know what time I went to bed for good last night, but I basically repeated the cycle again thus far today.

...realized tardily that I haven't even mentioned these symptoms to anyone, not even my wife. They were that minor. But yesterday it dawned on me: tonsils plus scratchy throat plus sinus drainage plus fatigue equals cold, however minor. Sure I'm not in the kind of condition I was around Christmas, when the back of my throat felt like I'd been gargling red hot brillo pads, but I'm still ill.

Most likely I got hit with something that's not very virulent, or it's kind of like something I'd been hit by before, which is why my immune response isn't the full-on nuclear war I experienced last December. I don't mind having a mild cold, even in summer--but needless to say, I have not gotten anything done around here. I scrubbed the bathtub yesterday, then had to go lie down because I felt lightheaded; my wife was worried that something was wrong, and when I mentioned the previous symptoms--which I had, until then, forgotten about--she was a bit upset with me that I hadn't told her.

Anyway, I guess it's true that only idiots catch summer colds, because it sure took long enough for it to register that I had one. "No brain, no pain," as Mom always said.

It also explains why I've been in such a fog for the past week.

* * *

Greece is a mess. It's a big mess, and it's getting bigger by the day. China--the commissars have ordered people not to sell stocks--made it illegal to sell--which does not seem to have helped their stock market crash.

Not much good news around. Our own stock market has been flailing around for the past few days in response to all this, mostly downward. It's hard for me to feel like that's entirely a bad thing, considering how overvalued it is; we do not have the economy to support a Dow index that high, and we haven't have that kind of economy for a long time.

Still, a drop in the stock market is universally regarded as a bad thing (even when the market is correcting to a more realistic valuation) and I suppose I must agree that's so. Some computers make money, some lose money, and the entire High Frequency Trading system goes on.

We're a long way from a complete correction, even so--one that would clear the bad debt in the system and allow the economy to return to a real growth phase (as opposed to one based entirely on debt expansion). That one's going to hurt when it comes; just look at Greece's long lines at the ATMs and the empty supermarket shelves.

* * *

It felt like I had more to say when I started writing, but apparently I don't. Could be worse, I suppose.

Today is like yesterday, only cloudy. I sat on the patio yesterday afternoon, enjoying the quiet and the blue sky; today the temperatures are about the same but there's a lot less wind, almost none.

The nicest thing about all this is how quiet it is. No fans, no AC, no nothin'. It's blissfully quiet. It won't last, but I can enjoy it while it does.

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