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#4800: Um, not just no, but HELL F--KING NO

Some anus wants the US to bail out Greece. He ought to f-ing return his f-ing Nobel Prize for Economics, the idiot.

The problems that Greece is having are of its own doing. It had help from Germany and France and Belgium, because those countries lent them the money in the first place even as everyone involved knew Greece was unable to pay that money back--not now, not ever--and yet they all pretended there was nothing wrong.

Unlike the complete smashing of Germany's industrial base in WW2, the United States had NOTHING to do with this mess.

We helped Germany and Japan rebuild because we're nice people, not because we were somehow obligated to. We're further not obligated to bail Greece out; in fact it would be better for all concerned if Greece defaulted on it's bad debt.

In case Mr. Fucking Sky Pilot isn't paying attention, the US is already spending a crapton more money than it has: a trillion plus per year over and above its income, with no end in sight. The national debt has exploded in the past six years thanks to Obamanomics, and like Greece we cannot deficit spend ad infinitum because--sooner or later--the debt expansion series will reach its practical limits. I have no desire to hurry that event by spending even more money the US does not have on bailing out Greece.

Of course, if Greece defaults, then Spain and Italy and Ireland will also default, because if Greece can do it, why can't they? It'll mean the end of the euro, and the end of the big common European banks, and it'd be a complete refutation of all things Keynesian! Of course no Nobel Prize-winning economist wants that.

* * *

So, did you hear about the 22-year-old in Maine who decided it would be funny to put a mortar on his head and light the fuse, and died?

His mother wants to outlaw fireworks.

I know this sounds insensitive, considering that the guy died, but it's his own damned fault.

Look: I've used 2" mortar fireworks here at the bunker. Those things make a scary loud "BANG" when the lifting charge goes off. I put the shell into the mortar, light the fuse, and run away from it, because if the thing decides to blow up on the ground rather than in the air, I want to be well away from it.

I would assume that the dead idiot would not have been stupid enough to put the butt of a shotgun to his forehead and pull the trigger, but that's exactly the sort of kick you'd get from a mortar.

As is typical for the Fungal Vale on the 4th of July, it was a freakin' war zone around here after dark--even though anything more potent than sparklers are illegal in Illinois without licenses and permits. I was hearing large explosions--probably quarter- and half-sticks--in the week before the holiday. Laws won't stop this kind of crap.

The safety instructions are ubiquitous, so much so that we joke about them: light fuse and get away. Do not hold in hand. Do not hold in mouth. Etcerera. It's sad that the guy died, but it's his own damned fault for doing something egregiously stupid.

* * *

First working 7nm integrated circuit. ICs with 7nm feature size are still at least two years from the market, but this is a huge step forward.

7nm is 10,000 times smaller than 70um, which was the barrier the semiconductor industry hit in about 1992 and were all worried about surpassing. So, yeah--in 2017 they'll be able to pack 10,000 transistors into the area one transistor occupied in 1992.

(Actually there will be a practical upper limit for the number of transistors in that space which won't be as large as 10,000 transistors. It's still incredible, when you think about it.)

* * *

Linked because of the recipe for tetziki sauce:
Coarsely grate one medium cucumber, and squeeze out or allow the moisture from the cucumber to drain. Mash one or two garlic cloves to a paste with a little salt, and mix in a tablespoon of olive oil. Add the olive oil/garlic paste to one cup of rich yogurt, or a blend of 2/3rds yogurt to 1/3 sour cream, and stir in the grated, drained cucumber. Allow to stand for the flavors to blend, and serve with slices of bread.
...or with gyros. Yum.

* * *

The amazing stupidity--look, if you come to me telling me that you can't access your e-mail, at least have the decency to know what your f-ing e-mail address is. Holy crap.

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