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#4801: Alwats bet on technology improving.

Even as oil prices drop, rig count increases. That tells me that some folks figured out how to make fracking pay at $60 a barrel.

Here's the interesting thing about capitalism: it encourages innovation. If someone is selling all the widgets he can make at $10 a pop, and some guy comes along and figures out how to make money selling widgets at $8 a pop, the result is a net benefit to the people buying the widgets--especially if the first guy then finds a way to improve his widget so that it's still worthy of the $2 premium.

The negative price pressure of oversupply doesn't necessarily mean that all fracking wells will be driven out of production. Some folks will find ways to make fracking pay at lower prices--and that will always benefit the consumer even as it benefits the producers themselves.

Fracking doesn't have to require that oil cost $100 a barrel for it to be profitable...much the same way a computer doesn't have to cost a million dollars and have its own air-conditioned room.


* * *

It would be interesting to see how this affects China's aspirations in southeast asia. In particular it'd be interesting if China were to start cranking up their war machine, only to have a revolution break out that, shall we say, diverted their attentions.

China's economic troubles are proving yet again that command economies simply don't work--not for long, anyway.

* * *

I was originally scheduled to be at work for four hours today, but I called off. When I woke up this morning it was to PAIN in all my limbs. I'd wager it has something to do with the cold-like symptoms I've been suffering the past ten days or so. I lay in bed, knowing I had to get up, but lacking the will or the ability. It hurt to move. It hurt not to move.

When I finally stopped playing snooze button tag and got up, it was just to get a telephone, because there was just no way in hell.

The pain kept me from going back to sleep for a while, but eventually I did fall asleep again. When I woke up it was after noon, and everything hurt slightly less than it had, but "better" is not "good" and I still feel ripe for embalming. other symptoms, no sniffles, runs, coughs, cramps, not even a slight headache. Just arms and legs which feel as if they've been subjected to the Vietnamese lead-shot-filled hose treatment all night--a deep-seated ache from shoulders to fingers, and hips to toes--and a general feeling of fatigue.

Just now a PBJ, and three ibuprofen. We'll see how that does.

But I'd wager that today's activities are going to be sorely (heh) limited in scope, because damn do I feel like the proverbial dog's breakfast.

On the plus side, at least I still have my sense of humor.

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