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#4802: How to keep your wife happy.

Thursday night, around 11:30 PM, Mrs. Fungus said, "I want chili-cheese fries."

Me: "No place is open that has that, dear. Sorry."

But then I thought about it, and realized something: we had curly fries in the freezer; we also had a couple cans of chili and a nearly-full bag of shredded cheese, and it's not exactly rocket science to put them together. I made a big old plate of chili-cheese fries: made the fries according to the directions on the bag, and heated a can of chili (Hormel) in a saucepan while they baked. Fries into a pasta plate, dump chili on them, add a liberal dose of shredded cheese over the top, a couple of minutes in the microwave, serve...and they were delicious. We ate it all while watching an episode of Deadwood.

So delicious, in fact--and so easy to make--that the next time I hit the store I'm getting more cheese and another bag of curly fries. And some kind of canned chili without beans, because we figure that will spread better over the fries. Got to keep the ingredients for that on hand.

Not exactly health food, of course, but only because of the carbs in the fries. It's certainly no worse for you than a good dish of spaghetti would be, all told.

* * *

Microsoft fires 7,000 workers even as it lobbies heavily to expand the H1-B visa program. Because why should an American corporation have to employ American workers, when they're so much more expensive than Indians and Chinese?

* * *

By the way, slavery is still practiced in many parts of the world. You know, but Confederate flag bad, unlimited international trade good, right?

* * *

Today was training day at work, which (as usual) devolved into a P&M session in the old precinct. Also as usual, it was 7:30-9:30 in the bleeding morning.

I still feel fain to embalmed, and the pain in arms and legs kept me from getting to sleep last night until well after 2 AM. Because it was just two hours today, I was able to gut it up enough to go to work, especially since I knew I'd mostly be sitting down and being lectured about stuff. The hardest part was getting out of bed; after that, habit and momentum were enough to get me the rest of the way.

One of the nicest parts about the drive in was the near-total lack of idiots on the road. That early on a Saturday, generally the egregiously stupid are not out and about. I made it to work in about fifteen minutes, which is faster than usual; having arrived about ten minutes early I mulled sitting in the truck until 7:30--but then I decided, To hell with that. If I have to be here this damend early, they're paying me for the whole time I'm here, and went inside and punched in right away. Works out to about two hours since everything was finished about ten minutes before 9:30, which is fine.

A couple of spazz-tastic drivers made up for it on the way home, including the phimotic douchebag in the beat-up Blazer who shot ahead of me in the on-ramp merge, keeping me from being able to move over--only to have to slam on his brakes because the guy in front of me was going slow. (Which was, it must be said, why I was going slow in the first place.) For his trouble and wasted gasoline he got a whole car length ahead of where he'd been, going the same speed he was.

As for me, everything still hurts, and I'm going to go lay down in a few minutes. Looks like it might rain this afternoon, which would put the kibosh on me getting the grass cut. Well, if it does, I can't help that.

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