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#4806: Ceiling fan

This past weekend I finally got around to installing the ceiling fan in the computer room.

Some years Mom asked me to install an exhaust fan in her room, which I did; I ran some flex conduit and added a switch to the box by the door so the fan and the overhead light could be controlled separately.

The wiring is probably the most competent part of the installation. The rest was pretty bad. But it did what she wanted, which was to vent smoke from her bedroom when it got too thick.

Anyway, Mrs. Fungus and I don't use the exhaust fan, and it's (sooner or later) going to be deleted from the room's configuration. Meanwhile, we wanted a ceiling fan, and they cost about $25 at Menards, so we picked one up.

Saturday night I installed it.

Now, it took me a few minutes with the DMM to figure out which hot wire was controlled by which switch, but once I had that sorted out it was relatively easy for me to seperately wire the light and the fan on the thing. There was a bit of concern when the light didn't go on (after I'd done the wiring but before I bolted it into place) but fortunately I thought to try pulling on the lamp chain to turn the lamp on before digging into the wiring again, and it turned out just to be off.

Once the wiring was verified, I put it the rest of the way together, and mirabile visu we can turn on the fan, or the lamp, or both, without having to fiddle with the pull chains. That almost makes me feel as if I know what I'm doing.

I'm not sure how old the paint in this room is. I seem to recall it being painted this color sometime in the 1970s, but I'm not sure when. Originally it was off-white, but after my oldest sister graduated from high school and my other sister decided to fix up part of the basement and have her bedroom there, things got shaken up a bit. Somewhere along the line this room got painted yellow, and I have no idea if it was ever repainted. I'm thinking "no", but while trying to noodle out the timeline I realized that I don't remember when that other bedroom got painted, nor what color it first changed to after it was finished being green. (I thought it went from green to blue, but I have pictures of it being yellow, first, so I don't know what the hell to think.)

What I do know is, the paint in this room is damned old. It's not newer than 1982-ish, that's for certain; and even if it was painted in 1982--on which I would not bet--that's still thirty-five years ago.

35 years of periodic baking by incandescent light bulbs in the ceiling fixture--the paint around it has peeled off, right down to the drywall. While I was putting in the ceiling fan Mrs. Fungus and I discussed what we could do about it. I'd have to prime in that area, but I'd also have to prime the patch over the exhaust fan hole, so that's no big deal; figure a quart of primer would be enough. If we picked a yellow color (even a few shades more pale) it would probably not take an entire can of paint to do the room. Maybe half a gallon of Ultra White for the ceiling, because that's what I did in the kitchen and it really lifts the ceiling. (Appears to lift it. Makes it feel more expansive, and brighter.)

The hard part would be finding the time. I can't afford to take any time off work, and it would be a 3-day process at least; once we got the computers torn down and the furniture moved away from the walls, I'd have to wash the walls and spackle (and fix the hole in the ceiling) and let that dry for 24 hours. Then I'd have to sand the spackling, and prime, and let that dry for 24 hours. After that I could paint, and that would have to dry for another 24 hours before we could move the stuff back in.

...and this one would be the easy room to paint. *whimper*

* * *

"Today is forecast to be MUCH COOLER than yesterday." Yeah. The dewpoint is 68, which is sticky, and even if the temperature fails to exceed the predicted 80 degrees, it's still going to be a sweltering day outside. Argh etc.

That may change as the day wears on; it looks as if the wind's going to switch to a more northerly direction, which (hopefully) will mean dry and cool. We'll see, of course.

* * *

Deadwood continues to entertain. Now that we're past most of the "look at how bad these bad men are, also WE'RE ON HBO!" stuff, the story is getting better. Having looked a bit into the historical people on whom some of the characters are based, it helps me locate the time and place, and understand what's going on a little better. I guess you're supposed to know, going in, that Deadwood is in territory that is going to be (someday) South Dakota; certainly it would have helped to know that as the series started. It didn't take much for me to get up to speed, though, so that's all right.

Of course half the characters cannot utter a single sentence without swearing, because "rough men ALSO HBO!!!", so it's not something you'd want the kids to watch. But I am enjoying it, and lots more than I thought I would going in.

* * *

Is Bloom County back? I never cared for Outland. I never really understood why Breathed made the change, to be honest. I suppose that after a while a cartoonist feels as if he's done with a strip--but if you're done with it, be done with it. Outland felt like a bad crossover, with Opus and Ronald-Ann, and the fact that it only ran on Sundays made it harder to follow than it was worth. Certainly Breathed could not do the kind of stories he'd done with BC, which ran daily.

If the new BC is just half as funny as the original, it'll be a keeper.

* * *

Before work yesterday I managed to get the Jeep's serpentine belt tightened, the right front tire aired up (still need to replace the valve stem), and then took a little time to clean out the back seat.

I have a utility box in which I keep things like jumper cables, tire inflator, service manual, tie-down straps, and other miscellany; I don't remember when I took it out of the truck but I put it back in yesterday, and put several loose articles back into it in the process, so now I don't have a bunch of stuff rattling around behind the front seats any more.

Today I want to get some work done on the Fiero, and part of that is vacuuming crud from the engine bay. Once that's done I'll vacuum out the truck, because it hasn't been vacuumed in literal years.

...but first I'm going back to bed. I woke up this morning at 6 AM, to the kind of "wide awake" state where I can either toss and turn for two hours while trying to sleep or get up and fiddle at the computer a bit. Today I chose the latter, since I don't need to hew to any specific schedule.


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