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#4808: If I can just get the f-ing fuel rail and injectors in--

That's my goal for today: put the fuel system into the Fiero. If I can get that much done on the car today I'll be satisfied with my progress, such as it is.

My extended weed whacking session yesterday left my arms feeling well-tenderized and weak, which is not terribly surprising. I need a yoke or something to support the weight of the thing; it's not terribly heavy but after I've toted it around the yard for twenty minutes my arms feel like overcooked pasta. Worse, the throttle requires a deft touch, and it's balanced such that my right hand must support most of the weight of the thing even as I'm running the throttle with that index finger, so I can't even use my entire hand to hold it up.

But that's an issue for another day. Today's issue is the fuel rail in the Fiero.

As predicted, over the course of yesterday afternoon the wind switched to the north and things started to cool off. By the time Mrs. Fungus got home, we were able to open the bunker up, and it was nice and cool last night. Today looks to be more of the same, so hopefully I'll be able to work on the car in some modicum of comfort.

* * *

Karl Denninger talks about the prediction that we're facing another little ice age, and he makes mention of a point which is often ignored by warmistas: global warming is much better for us than global cooling is.

The runaway warming predicted by the warmistas is impossible. Carbon emissions cannot force the Earth's climate into a state--let's call it the "waterworld" scenario--where positive feedback results in all the ice melting. It can't, I should say, without the atmosphere becoming too poisonous for us to breathe, but in order for it to get to that point we'd have to deforest the entire world first.

Even if the anthropogenic warming theory were correct--which has not even been demonstrated, much less proven--in all liklihood the effects would be a net benefit for humanity. Rather than devastation, it would mean increased crop yields and a host of other good things.

Cooling, however--well, we have historical data which shows what happens when temperatures decline. Things get bad, and the lower the temperatures go the worse they get.

I have often seen it written--though certainly not since "zomg global warming" became pravda--that Earth is an ice world that sometimes has warm periods. Warmistas don't consider the climate on geological time scales; they can't--their thesis is wrecked by the long-term data. And most of their focus is on what the climate has done since the seventeenth century irrespective of what it did before that. When they think about any data prior to the last four hundred years, it is either to dismiss it, or attempt to obfuscate what it says, lest--again--their thesis be jeopardized.

* * *

We finished the first season of Deadwood last night. Pretty good stuff. Seems like when we watch one ep, we end up watching another right afterwards.

Brad Dourif is in it, and he plays a doctor. Mrs. Fungus asked me what else he'd been in, and was shocked when I told her he'd been in an ep of Babylon 5 ("Passing Through Gesthemane").

* * *

Looks like AoSHQ is being DDoSed again. I have three web sites in my blogroll which are on Pixy Misa's or servers, and none of them is accessible right now. Either Pixy Misa had a major crash, or DDoS. Yeah.

Either way, there's approximately bugger all I can do about it.

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