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#4812: What has to happen now

Okay, we don't know much of anything yet except islamist shithead killed four marines before going on to his 72 virgins but there are a few things I can safely say even in the absence of any real information about today's islamic atrocity.

NSA can stop spying on Americans. The program was emplaced on the assertion that they were trying to prevent terror attacks on US soil. The now-dead gomer wasn't on anyone's watch list. As with the Tsarnev bombing of the Boston Marathon, none of the domestic spies caught wind of this before it happened. The program does more harm than good. End it now.

Gun free zones don't work. The entrance of the recruiting station is festooned with "gun free zone" stickers, which protected the folks inside about as well as they always do. But, hey! There are no bullet holes in the stickers themselves, so maybe what they need to is to cover the glass with them.

We need to do something about ISIS--and islamic terrorism in general--which is more effective than sending "advisers" to Iraq. I'm thinking that just maybe--considering that ISIS is holding territory in the middle east--we could perhaps declare war on ISIS and do something positive about that.

Rescind the stupid fucking nuke deal with Iran. Tell Iran that if they want nuclear weapons they'd better do something about the mess in their back yard first.

Stop mollycoddling islam. How many terror attacks on US soil do we have to suffer before we realize what this stupid "religion of peace" horseshit actually is?

Ace says that ISIS tweeted "#Chattanooga" before news of the attacks hit the airwaves. Perhaps this was the first salvo in the threatened terror attacks they talked about prior to Independence day.

I'm going to withhold more comment on this until more about the story is known, but I very rapidly expect to say a few things about border security, immigration control, and weapons laws. (Re: the latter, $5 says he didn't come buy his weapon(s) legally. Yet the commie-libs will insist that we must have tougher weapons laws to prevent future tragedies.)

* * *

...this on top of already having a craptacular day. I absolutely love the assholes who, because you're a retail grunt, act like complete cocksuckers. It must make them feel so important and powerful to heap abuse on someone who can't fight back.

I have a name for this kind of shitstain: Miggim, named after one particularly egregious example of the type.

* * *

Intel's not doing the greatest. Here's the problem: Intel's sales rely on robust PC sales, and guess what? We're in a depression! People aren't buying computers!

Meanwhile Ford's having to offer up to $10k discounts on their most popular model because they're simply not selling as well as Ford needs them to.

Here's a thought: maybe the "all new F-150" costs too fucking much to begin with, and maybe that's why they're not selling all that fucking well.

And--not to put too fine a point on it--we're in a depression.

Then again, perhaps the people who are most likely to buy pickup trucks are more interested in durability than fuel savings. Sure, an all-aluminum body makes for a lighter truck, but how much punishment can it take before falling apart? It's not going to rust the way steel will, but so what?

* * *

The American medical industry has steadfastly resisted anything that might foster competition. After all, if you have to post your prices and let people know what they're going to pay before you provide any service for them, the way every other industry must, why, how would anyone afford a Porsche and a speedboat? Huh? Who'd pay for the quarterly vacations and the big houses and the conferences in luxury hotels if doctors had to compete on price? How would doctors live if they couldn't charge whatever the market would bear plus a premium for filing their own billing paperwork?

* * *

I really am in a rotten, rotten mood. Shit.

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