atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4815: That was a nice ride home.

Rode the bike to work yesterday. The thing about riding on a hot day? At speed, the jacket and gloves and helmet don't really make you any warmer than you'd be without them. You don't sit at stoplights for long, either.

Had a nice ride in.

At quitting time, there were thunderstorms around (mostly south of) the Fungal Vale. As I rode homeward, I saw lots of lightning, from just about every direction. I thought I might have to ride through a serious rain storm, which would have been a new experience for me.

But nope! The worst I got was mist thrown up from wet pavement; as I go closer to home I rode through an area which had already seen rain.

The best part was the road that passes through a wooded section. There were fireflies all over the place, and the lightning flickered through the trees, and it was beautiful. I wish I had a movie of it.

* * *

Tomorrow I have the day off from work, but it's going to be car maintenance day. I've got two oil changes to do, plus Mrs. Fungus' car's tires need to be rotated. None of it's particularly difficult work, though, so WTF.

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