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#4817: Acclimatized wrong

Yesterday I changed the oil and rotated the tires in/on Mrs. Fungus' car. It was overdue for the former and about due for the latter, so I did it.

The oil change went smoothly enough. Rotating the tires--well, a floor jack and jack stands and an impact wrench make it easier, but not easy, especially when one must work in the blazing sun on the second-hottest day of the year.

Particularly because, on the rear wheels, the lug nuts did not mind the impact wrench. Now, it's true that my impact wrench is not particularly powerful; the compressor is not capable of pumping out quite enough air to loosen the toughest bolts. Lug nuts--if tightened to their proper torque--usually are no trouble.

I had to break the rear ones loose with the 24-inch breaker bar, and they groaned as I did. PB Blaster did not help.

Even better? The wheels wouldn't come off. I had to hit each of them with a sledgehammer to pop them loose.

The center rings are the problem. I don't know if the wheels are too small or the hubs are too big, or if I just need to take some 100-grit to both surfaces on all four of the wheels. What I did this time was to liberally slather the center rings and the lugs with anti-seize, which ought to help at least.

Anyway--rotated the tires, checked their pressures, and all was well. It took perhaps an hour and a half to do everything; it would have been faster if I hadn't had to literally bludgeon the damned wheels off the car. When I was done, I had nothing left for any other work; so I resolved to do the Jeep on Tuesday (before or after cutting the grass, probably "before") and took a blissfully long, cool shower.

Of course I'm acclimated to the relatively cool spring and early summer that we had. Heck, it wasn't even hot on the 4th of July, and over the past few years it's seemed as if the cool, wet part of the summer has gone later and later. Even with my wife bringing me a tall glass of iced tea I was still overheated and dry when I got done with the job. (Not "heat exhaustion" dry, just "I'm kind of thirsty" dry. Still.)

I've noticed that when I take a cool shower, the water coming off my head is noticeably warmer than when it hits my head.

Of course, the parts store didn't have, and could not get, the gasket I need for the Fiero. I'm going to reassemble as much as I can while seeking the gasket on-line, I guess.

* * *

As usual, the answer is "unions".

One of the two grocery stores nearest the bunker is unionized. You can tell which simply by shopping there; the service is worse, the environment is worse, everything about it is less pleasant than the non-union store. Whenever I shop there I know that I'm going to be waiting in line for much longer than I would at the non-union store, because the cashier has no reason to be quick--or even to be pleasant. The unionized store is less brightly lit, even.

So if A&P is engaging in a little union busting, well, more power to 'em.

* * *


...Scott Walker said that even immigrants have to follow the law. Next thing you know, he's going to be ordering Jews put in concentration camps.

* * *

So, let me ask a question: as generating capacity is taken off-line due to safety and maintenance issues, what will replace it? Are we thinking that we can build windmills and solar panels to replace aging power plants? Because I'm here to tell you that's not gonna fuckin' work, buddy.

The EPA has completely paralyzed our ability to generate power, and that's a bad thing. That needs to change, and soon, lest we find ourselves freezing in the dark.

* * *

Not too bad a day at work today, though it was busy. I'm looking forward to being able to work to my own schedule tomorrow, when I must cut the grass and change the oil in the Jeep.

The fun never ends!

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