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#4820: The work is done.

I got the Jeep maintenance taken care of, I took some recycling in, and got the grass cut. Whee!

Did you know that scrap sump pumps garner some $115 per ton? The recycler has a seperate SKU for sump pumps, for crying out loud. I doubt--I hope--that there are no more sump pumps secreted around the bunker anywhere. I think that makes four of them that I've recycled, none of them functional or good for anything other than taking up space. I have no idea why Dad saved them.

I also took about three gallons of oil in, too. There's still more in the garage to be rid of, but I can do that another time; at least this time I managed to change the oil in the vehicles and get the oil from them taken in right away, rather than have it sit in the garage in a kitty litter bucket until it turns back into dinosaurs. I don't get any money for the oil, but at least it's out of my hair.

Right now, it's about the same temperature and humidity outside as inside. That's great; it means that in a few hours it will be cooler outside than inside, and I can open the house up and cool with outside air tonight.

I'm going to have to water the pepper plants more often, dang it. They're not growing very quickly, and if I'm going to get any peppers out of them before October they're going to need more water than what's falling from the sky. I dug out Mom's little watering can, so I can do that periodically. I think giving 'em a good soaking every other day ought to do it.

Big difference between Jeep and Mrs. Fungus' car: the Jeep is much easier to change the oil in without getting your hands dirty. Mrs. Fungus' car uses a cartridge-type oil filter, where you have to unscrew a cap and change the filter element. I have no idea why Toyota specified this stupid crap; it certainly doesn't weigh less than a spin-on filter, and there doesn't seem to be any real performance advantage to it. But the damned thing is guaranteed to leak oil on your hands when you unscrew it.

Jeep? I got a dribble on my hand when I took out the drain plug; similarly the only oil I got on my hands after that was when I was putting the new filter in. I pre-fill my filters, and I tilted it a bit too far on the way down to the boss--my fault entirely. Ordinarily I don't spill a drop...and that's with a horizontally-mounted, rather than vertically-mounted, filter.

The ass-o-meter told me the Jeep was happy with the new lube, though I know there's no way in hell there's actually a perceptible difference in the performance of the thing just because it's got fresh oil in it. For good measure I topped off the brakes, power steering, and coolant reservoirs; the brakes have dropped only far enough that it's because of pad wear, not a leak in the system. The coolant--well, there's that whole "cylinder head" thing to be concerned with, but there's nothing I can do about that (that I can afford, anyway) so I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed. (And could I please stop typing "cooland" when I want to type "coolant"? That's just annoying.)

I've never put fluid into the power steering. This is the first time it's needed it. (Granted I don't check it very often.) It takes some variety of ATF; all I had on hand was Mercon and I thought twice about putting that in, then decided that a Saginaw box ain't gonna care that much about having a little Mercon mixed in with the ATF or whatever transmission fluid Jeep specified for the power steering on the Cherokee. All this shit was designed decades ago, for crying out loud; it's not like this is some hypersensitive overengineered electronic power steering system that'll blow three seals and a bearing and leave me stranded if the wrong fluid is put into it. WTF, I've heard Ford power steering pumps whining like spoiled children from a quarter-mile away because some idiot put power steering fluid into them, instead of Mercon, and those people can still steer.

Kind of like the dirt bike: you need some kind of gear oil in the gear box, but it really doesn't make a great deal of difference which weight you use. (Also, recall that I used transmission fluid in the oil reservoir and it never skipped a beat--though it did smoke rather a lot. Heh. Got to love old technology!)

Speaking of the dirt bike--I'm thinking that I might get some space cleared out in the basement and work on rebuilding it this winter. Take the engine completely apart and reassemble it, buy (or make) new gaskets for it so it won't leak like a seive, get everything clean and neat and properly assembled--that would be a fun little project. That would give me the experience I need to rebuild the spare engine for the road bike....

Anyway, I just finished a bunch of chores and I need to get a shower. Jeeze.

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