atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4822: Wednesday, tired, ready for bed.

The past few days have worn me a bit fine. Today I am extra-tired, having done a lot of chores yesterday and Sunday with a full day of work between. Today is probably a good day to do nothing, and to take--for once--a day of complete rest and do as little as possible.

Ain't gonna be easy. Things undone weigh heavily on me. And so, ironically, I am going to have to work at relaxing.

* * *

I'm still casting about for case mod ideas. I'd like to put the brains in El-Hazard into something other than a computer case, but nothing has come to mind yet. Looking around on-line has shown me various neat ideas, but nothing I particularly want to emulate.

At work, some months ago now, someone recycled an Apple ][ GS. That would have been a sweet case mod, right there. As a joke I took the Apple Disk ][ disk drive and stuck it atop the computer we use for backups. I think a mini ITX motherboard would fit--barely--in such a casing, though I'd most likely have to get a 2.5" hard drive and an external power supply. The real trick would be getting a slot-loading optical drive and setting it up so lifting the disk door would eject the optical disk....

OTOH I do have a plethora of C-1541 drives around here. Those are large enough that all of El-Hazard's internal components would fit inside one. Hmm....

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