atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4827: Neat things

So, during some down time at work today I was able to look into my case mod idea: putting the guts of El-Hazard into a C-1541 disk drive casing. It'll fit handily, I'm pretty sure. Other people have done this to good effect, so it shouldn't be too hard for me to accomplish. But while looking over other peoples' projects I came across some neat things.

Keyrah lets you turn a C-64 keyboard into a USB keyboard that'll work with a PC. So I could take a C-64, remove everything from the casing but the keyboard itself, install this board, and then use the keyboard to run a system like El-Hazard. Heck, add some dummy cabling to make it look as if you're actually using a C-64. That'd be pretty funny.

Then there's Zoomfloppy which lets you connect your C-1541 to the serial port on your PC. What this does is to enable you to back up your old C-64 disks (assuming any are still any good) to the PC, where you can use the disk images in C-64 emulators. It's $35 and I think I need one of these. My entire collection of C-64 floppies would probably fit on one CD-ROM too, assuming they're all readable. (Which I fervently hope they are--at least the word processing data disks.)

This is the page with all the information on Zoomfloppy archived here for future reference.

Looked downstairs, briefly, for the 1541 that I permanently converted into Drive 9 (by scratching the jumper on the circuit board) but found only Drive 8. Drive 9 is down there somewhere.

There are all kinds of neat things like this out there. Dang, how cool is that?

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