atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4831: Another plunge taken--procrastination by any other name....

So I wrote some of a new story (about five pages' worth, maybe another seven to finish it) and banged another short story into shape and submitted it for publication.

Between writing and editing I ran an errand, and took care of a few minor things. Now I need to go outside and get something done, damn it. I at least want to get the grass cut today, dang it.

A long time ago--in another century--I submitted about a page to Knights of the Dinner Table and they paid me for it, a whopping $55 as it worked out. That was in 1999 as I recall. Since then I've submitted a novella and a novel, and both were rejected. Today is the third submission of what I would call serious work. (My proposal for Tales From The Rufus generated no response. I probably did it wrong.)

Third time's the charm, right? But this story--Chandelier--is a good story, short, with few of the defects of my novella. It ought to go over well enough. I might even get a little money from it.

We're having fun at Casa Fungus! It's a party!

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