atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4837: Welcome to full-time employment.

So, today I had that thing in Bolingbrook, and as I expected they would, they interviewed me. The interview was not a hard one, and they offered me a job. I think 90% of getting this one was my background, which is (of course) very heavy on customer service.

Yay, me.

...of course it is going to be several weeks before I start getting paid for this job, because I start two weeks from Monday and I must work before I get paid, but now there is at least some light at the end of the tunnel which I can definitively identify as daylight rather than oncoming train.

I must first pass a pee test and a background check, none of which has ever been a problem for me.

It means an end to going to the soul-sucking noise box.

The wage increase is not much--and during training I'll be paid what I'm currently earning per hour--but the important part is that I'll be working forty hour weeks instead of 20-25 hour weeks and benefits like health insurance kick in after sixty days. Health insurance alone is a huge raise in my total compensation over what I'm getting now.

Right now I'm too fatigued from post-interview stress syndrome to think coherently about any of this, but it's good news, and long overdue.

* * *

As I have said from the very start of the "ONOES RECORD CALIFORNIA DROUGHT" situation, the solution is lots of nuclear-powered desalinization plants.

It's not even that expensive to do, for crying out loud.

* * *

Humans replaced with robots, and the production rate rose 162% while the defect rate fell from 25% to 5% in the bargain. If labor costs increase too far, it becomes much more cost-effective to automate. The factory formerly employed about 650 people; now it employs 60, and they're looking at ways to reduce that to 20.


* * *

Hillary pays $600 for a haircut. But of course she's a champion of the little guy, right? (I wonder how much she tipped the hairdresser.)

* * *

I really am pretty wiped right now. *sigh*

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