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#4841: I have things to do, I guess.

Of late Mrs. Fungus and I have been watching John Adams because it doesn't cost us anything to watch on-demand TV series. We finished Deadwood--and were disappointed that it just ended, canceled after three seasons (ten years ago)--and needed something else to watch.

It's really entertaining. It's fun to watch the show and identify people from history--John Hancock! Benjamin Franklin! That's Sam Adams! Yeah, the beer guy!--and it's really refreshing to watch an HBO series where "fuck" isn't every third word and there isn't all kinds of nudity JUST BECAUSE WE'RE HBO AND WE CAN, MOTHERFUCKERS!

I would love to see a comprehensive retelling of the whole Revolutionary War done like that, from multiple viewpoints. Could you imagine how interesting that would be, to see that story done like Game of Thrones but without all the nudity and language, done as historically accurate as possible?

This series reminds us that America's liberation from England did not happen overnight. From the Declaration of Independence in 1776, it was twelve years before George Washington was elected. It was only really possible for the US to win because France coincidentally went to war against England about the same time; France, Spain, and England were the world's three superpowers in the late 18th century and a colonial uprising in the new world was a case of "too many irons in the fire". Absent those distractions England could have crushed the rebellion and we'd all still be saying "God Save the Queen".

* * *

Do not expect any of this from the GOP. The GOP is not interested in rocking the boat. Right now the US is ruled by a single party of two wings, and neither one has any intention of actually listening to what the proles want.

Mark my words: the GOP nominee in next year's election is going to be Jeb Bush. It will not be Walker. (It will definitely not be Trump.) Jeb Bush is the GOP Establishment pick, and he will be the nominee.

And on the other side of the aisle, unless something remarkable and unprecedented happens, Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee. Bernie Sanders might end up being her VP. It won't be Biden; Obama picked Biden for VP because he was an establishment Democrat who was otherwise entirely 100% harmless, and he was the only candidate in the 2008 primaries who would take the job. If he takes a stab at running again this will be his third attempt at the job.

It cannot be otherwise; the last several elections have demonstrated that regardless of what the constituency wants the party leadership picks the nominees.

What we're facing, then, is a continuation of politics as they've been practiced at least since 1982 and probably longer. Planned Parenthood is going to continue to get federal funding, because abortion is the progressive sacrament and must never be threatened. Illegal immigration will not be curbed, because cheap labor is vital to the cronies of both political parties. Obamacare will continue because both parties want it. And while we're on the subject, all the deficit spending will also continue, for the same reason; no one in D.C. wants the party to end, and to hell with what it does to the economy or the little people, because none of them contribute much to reelection campaigns. Iran will get the Bomb; elected officials have access to some very plush bomb shelters. We will continue to have an incoherent energy policy because--again--both parties benefit from it.

Believe me, I wish it were otherwise, but the sooner we all wise up out here and realize that none of the people we send to D.C. are going to fix this shit, the better off we'll all be, because D.C. is the problem.

Eventually D.C.'s power over the rest of the country will slip. It can't be otherwise; they have already run out of other peoples' money (as demonstrated by the trillion dollar annual deficits) and once the money dries up so does their power.

When that happens, there will be troubles. I don't expect the union to survive them, at least not as it is now; the federal government that returns to governance afterwards will--had better have!--some serious limits placed on its ability to concentrate power, lest we go through all this again a century later.

* * *

Today is a ridiculously nice day. I have to run an errand--up to my new employer, in Bolingbrook, which will take about five minutes of actual time once I'm there. For that, two hours of driving--*sigh*.

Still, I'd better get after it.

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