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#4842: The American Oligarchy.

400 families represent 50% of the donations to the presidential candidates. That's , I might add.

Let that sink in: out of a nation with 300,000,000 people, about 1,200 or so of them (assuming a three-person family) have donated half of the money received so far by presidential candidates.

We're not talking about the one percent, here; we're talking about the 0.01%, the top one percent of the top one percent.

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton share the same donors.

Why be surprised? They're all on the same team.

* * *

Once again we're reminded there's absolutely no inflation! Yesterday I paid $3.60 for a pound of butter, which is about a 33% price increase over 18 months, but that's not "inflation" because food prices are "too volatile" to be included in the consumer price index. A pound of boneless-skinless chicken breasts, on sale, is $3 a pound now, which is (again) a 33% increase in price over where it was two years ago. Ground beef, 80% lean, is on sale at $4 a pound--it was $2.50 a pound on sale in 2013--but there's no inflation, folks!

The chocolate ration has increased from 3 oz to 2.5 oz! Everybody party!

* * *

Having paid our gas bill, I am now overdrawn, with nine days to go before payday. *sigh*

In twelve days I start working 40-hour weeks. I don't know how long it is before I start getting paychecks from those 40-hour weeks, but that will be a huge f-ing relief, let me tell you.

Plus side, Mrs. Fungus is supposed to receive her first paycheck relatively soon, so I will not be long overdrawn--but it's annoying nonetheless.

Yesterday I had to make a trip to Bolingbrook to spend five minutes there, letting them get copies of my identification and to drop off a form. I didn't make a note of my departure time; I think it was about 1:30 but I had to stop for gas and got to the office at 2:15. I did make special note of the time I left the office, though; even with the stopover to get Mrs. Fungus an iced coffee, it was still only fifty minutes from driveway to driveway, so it looks as if my estimate of 45 minutes on the way in was more or less correct.

It was 45.5 miles up. That means about 90 miles a day, which translates neatly to 4.5 gallons of gas; figure $18 worth of gas per day at $4 per gallon. Tolls are going to be $8 a day. $26, then, give-or-take; and even at my current pay rate and subtracting the additional commuting costs I'll still make more money full-time than I am part-time--enough, it seems, to make a difference. (I know gas is currently $2.55 a gallon in the Fungal Vale, but it will not stay there.)

I didn't need the GPS to get there, the second time. Super-easy route.

* * *

There was something else I wanted to talk about, but I can't remember what it was. Heck with it.


Still, it's a comfortable day outside--not hot, low humidity--and I can sit here at the computer without any fans running; it's so quiet in fact that my ears are ringing with it. All of my errands and chores are accomplished, and I have nothing else that needs doing today save making dinner.


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