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#4843: Here is an example of why I call them "union babies".

The other day Mrs. Fungus and I had the news on, and one of the stories was about some hotel or other in the city which had a bunch of employees out front of it that day, protesting. Their signs--professionally printed, of course!--said "NO UNION CONTRACT" and they were walking in a circle, banging pans together, and in general being idiots.

They were naturally interviewed by the local news, who dedicated at least a minute and a half to it. And what were their complaints?

They were unhappy that they had to work, that they were tired when they got home from work.


"After working all day," one useless extrusion complained, "I don't have any energy to spend time with my family!"

Each housekeeper has the onerous task of cleaning fifteen rooms every day: vacuum, make beds, fold towels, dust, etcetera. But that's terribly hard work, and they can't take the workload, because after work is over they're tired.

The story was unclear on what, exactly, a union contract had to do with them, since they're not unionized, so I am of the opinion that this was some kind of agitation for unionization. The story gave absolutely no details (other than mentioning there was no union) so I have no f-ing clue what that was about. I can speculate that perhaps recently there was a vote among the staff of the hotel, who declined unionizing, and that this temper tantrum was the result of the commie-libs not getting their way.

There certainly weren't a lot of them; a dozen, perhaps fifteen.

...apparently wanting to unionize because they're tired after working. Poor little delicate creatures! They have to work and it makes them so tired they don't have any time to be with their families! It's such a hard, horrible existence!

You know what? EVERYBODY ON THE DAMNED PLANET IS TIRED AFTER WORK, YOU SHITHEADS. That's why they call it "work"! It's not any better if you use your brain rather than your muscles; in fact you're even more tired after a day of thinking than you are if you were making beds. My father used to come home from work around 5:30, eat dinner, and be in bed by seven PM, and he worked in an office. He didn't make any beds or restock shelves.


* * *

The property tax situation in Illinois is so stupid even Reuters has taken notice. The tax bill on the bunker is egregiously high; the annual levy is some four percent of the assessed value. I wish the property taxes here were only the 1.9% mentioned in that article!

Six or so miles away, in the capitalist running dog state of Indiana, Og pays about a quarter of what we pay here, and for more land to boot. Yeah.

It's utterly ridiculous.

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