atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4844: My wife just combined Azumanga Daioh and World of Warcraft.

She was looking at the livestream from the WoW convention about what the next expansion pack is going to look like, and the new character class they are introducing with it will be the demon hunter.

Mrs Fungus: (Like Osaka from Azumanga Daioh): Demon hunter! Demon hunter! Demon hunter!

Then she looked at me, and said--imitating Kagura from AD--sticking out her arm with her thumb up: Yaaaay!

Holy shit do I love this woman.

* * *

Today is the first time in a very long one that I didn't have anything that I absolutely had to do. Months. No errands, no trips, no phone calls, no job-hunting--I don't even need to cut the grass because the near-total lack of rain in July means it hasn't grown much.

Yesterday was mostly like this, except for the deal with the gas bill, and the fact that I had some minor errands to run.

Next week will be hiatus, an interregnum between jobs, alas all too brief. I must move the Fiero from not-usable to usable during that week, and I have some other chores I wish to accomplish, but since the week will be otherwise untainted by employment that should not be a hardship. Eleven days from today I begin my new job in Bolingbrook. Yahoo!

* * *

So the economy sucks, but of course our government has changed how it figures GDP so that the numbers claim it doesn't.
The latest adjustments to GDP changed the first quarter growth rate from a -0.9% to a positive 0.6% with the second quarter rising strongly to 2.3%. The problem is that the upward revisions to economic growth for the first half of this year does not particularly "jive" with what is happening in the "real economy."
Yeah, if you don't like the statistics, simply change how they're figured! There's no need to pay attention to reality if it's inconvenient for you!

Around all this adjusterizing of the statistics, though, the fact remains that the economy sucks. It doesn't matter how they count or figure; they could twist the numbers out of all recognizable shape, call the years of Obamanomics "the best economy EVAH", and throw a huge party over it, and it still would not actually mean that the real-world economy was doing anything other than SUCKING.

The map is not the territory.

* * *

So today is normally my Monday, but the schedule was originally set such that I worked four days this week, with Tu-We-Th off, so Friday will be my Monday. And once I'm done with work on Saturday afternoon, the next time I go to work it'll be in Bolingbrook, and my Monday will come on a Monday for two months while I'm in training.

Anyway, point is, I'm now going to spend the rest of my day off having fun.

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