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#484: Sickblog (Part YYZ-WTF) (and misc.)

The Levaquin is working, but it's not working very damn fast. I may have to go back to see the doc again and get another course of this stuff. I have two tablets left and I'm still coughing, my throat is still mildly sore, and I still feel cruddy.

Those tests I went in for? They showed nothing. Of course.

I haven't had the energy to post anything, either. Of course, it helps to have something to write about, but I can blather on about all kinds of nonsense if I'm feeling up to it. The problem is, of course, feeling up to it.

This morning I tested myself a bit, by going out and filling up the van's right rear tire, which was very low (~5 psi). I felt fine when I went outside and it was not egregiously hot like it has been for the past week; yet after moving a few large pieces of cardboard, walking up and down the driveway a couple of times, and coiling the compressor's air hose, I felt weak and dizzy.

So I'm going to have to talk to the doctor again, and tell him, "Look: something is wrong with me. My throat is still sore. I still have no energy and no endurance. This is after a week's worth of Zithromax and a week's worth of Levaquin. There is something going on and I want to know what it is. And I know it's something I picked up in the Philippines." For fuck's sake!

I think I'll insist on a monospot test, for one, unless he shows me that they tested for it.


* * *

KissSub has released Lovely Complex episode 18. That's awesome--just about a week after it was shown in Japan. I know what I'm doing tomorrow!

...tomorrow I've got errands to run. *sigh*

I've been looking at a Jeep Cherokee at a nearby used car lot. The red Escort--although it is a reliable and useful vehicle--has some issues that I am beginning to think I would rather fob off on someone else, instead of dealing with them myself.

First is the right rear strut tower. About half the top plate has rusted away. It can be fixed with about $10 worth of 16-gauge steel and a few passes of a MIG welder, by someone who knows what he's doing. Unfortunately, that person is not me (yet) since I still haven't gotten around to starting to learn to use my welder.

The strut tower could hold together for another five years, or it could give out tomorrow.

Besides, I've been driving Escorts since 1995. That's 12 years, for crying out loud. I want something different. As nifty as Escorts are, I want something different.

And, of course, I must add that my Mom is getting her other eye worked on this Monday, and if all goes well, she's going to want to trade the van in on a new, smaller, and more fuel-efficient car. I want something that can haul stuff the way the van can; a Jeep Cherokee is a nice compromise.

The 6 cylinder engines in those things just don't quit, which is why a 7-year-old truck has a bluebook value of something like $8,000. (This particular one ought to be cheaper since it's got a few dings and dents here and there.) I will probably use its 4-wheel-drive about one or two hours out of the year, but the 4wd drivetrains are the most durable, and it's almost impossible to find a 2-wheel-drive Cherokee anyway.

I'd essentially be giving up one beater for a slightly newer and nicer beater--but one that's half as old and has half the mileage on its drivetrain. I think that's a good trade.

If this particular one doesn't work out, for whatever reason, I'm sure I can find another one. Jeep made quite a few of them.

* * *

Thursday I ordered 2 GB of RAM for this system from Crucial Memory, which is where I always buy my memory. I'm hoping to get a significant performance boost out of that; we'll see, of course. But this system only has half a gigabyte, which isn't enough for Vista unless you're a masochist.)

I finally understood what the big deal is over 64-bit Vista: if you want to have more than 4 GB of RAM in your computer, it helps if the OS has enough address bits to access that memory. 32 bits is 232, which gets you 4,294,967,296 memory locations: 4 GB. (In practical terms it ends up being less actual RAM, because the system must also access IO and ROM, so it ends up being around 3.5 GB of RAM, with the rest of the memory space allocated for other things.)

I'm not particularly bothered by that memory limitation, at least not yet. In a couple of years I may change my mind; but RAM's not cheap enough (yet) for me to want more than 4 GB in any event.

264 is 18,446,744,073,709,551,616--16 exabytes. Yeech. I can't imagine what kind of computer would need that much memory. As I recall that's more memory than the human brain has.

But I can remember when 216--65,536, 64k--was the norm. And back then I would have said about the same thing. "Four gigabytes of RAM? WTF! Are computers sentient in 2007?"

At least it ought to be a little while before we run into problems with that 64-bit memory barrier. It probably won't be as long as I think, though.

* * *

I've been mulling over a few short stories. I still haven't done anything about making Methuselah or Singularity available for download, yet I've got a couple of intriguing story ideas in the near-term SF genre--space exploration stories, mainly. One is about building a space elevator; the other is set in an alternate world where NASA never built the Space Shuttle and the space program never got its budget cut.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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