atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4849: Something new to worry about!

Mrs. Fungus and I went to see Minions, and really enjoyed it. We hit the grocery store on the way home, and as we were about to leave the parking lot I saw that the "check engine" light was on; a quick scan of the instrument cluster showed that the "AIRBAG" light was also on, the gauges were all registering zero, and the odomter read "no bus".


...engine was running fine, and nothing was out of the ordinary, so I pulled into a parking spot and shut the engine off. Waited a few seconds and restarted it, and the gauges came back and worked perfectly fine all the way home.

And of course it has to happen a week before I have to start commuting. Perfect.

Plus side, the engine ran fine; what I'm seeing on-line says that the two most common failure modes are one where the engine runs--in which case it's just a bad connection at the instrument cluster--or the engine does not run, which indicates that the crankshaft position sensor has failed.

So tomorrow I get to take 'er to a parts store and have the codes read, just to make sure; after which I'm going to pull the instrument cluster and clean all the connectors. And pray to God that this doesn't turn into the non-running variety of failure.


There are a few quirks that the Jeep has displayed over the past eight years, electrical in nature. For example, sometimes when I signal a left turn, the relay rattles and the light doesn't come on or start blinking. If I shut off the indicator and turn it back on, it works normally.

There was all kind of animal hair in the nooks and crannies, like under the front seats--straight hair--and the damage that the thing's had since before I bought it suggested to me that it had hit a deer that ended up in the passenger compartment--which is why the front edges of the fenders are wrinkled and there's that crease in the A-pillar on the passenger side, and also why the paint on the nose piece doesn't quite match the rest of the truck. The wrinkles are why I got a $8,000 truck for $5,000, and the cosmetics have not really bothered me all that much. The owner's manual looks like it was left to moulder in a swamp for a few months, which suggested to me that the interior had been open to the elements for a while.

All these are things that I discovered/figured out after buying the truck, but everything worked fine and it didn't smell bad or anything. And it's been a jim dandy vehicle.

Hopefully this is just another minor thing for me to attend to, and it won't turn into a gigantic clusterfuck. But if it does, well, I'll just have to figure out how to manage, is all.

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