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#4850: EPA needs to be held to the standards to which it holds others

EPA spilled a million gallons of toxic wastewater into a formerly-clean river. They were working at an abandoned mine and breached the containment of the wastewater.

If you or I did this, we'd be facing enormous fines. EPA needs to be held accountable for this.

* * *

Expect Scotland to become a net importer of food relatively soon. Banning genetically-modified crops is pure eco-luddism.

* * *

Karl Denninger on why Donald Trump is striking such resounding chords with people:
What is being misunderstood is that this is not so much about Trump as it is about the Republican party, which has lied repeatedly over the last several decades and, when in power, has failed to deliver on any of its promises despite having the ability to do so.

The mealy-mouthed games have finally awakened the people of this country who understand that there is a Constitution and it has meaning -- the original meaning in the words, not some load of crap after-the-fact that happens to be convenient for you at the time.

The cuckservative games, whether condescending crap that spews repeatedly from John McCain, the crying of Boehner, the outright lies of Ryan and McMorris-Rodgers and more have finally reached the point that the people of this country with a view toward the original intent and wisdom of the founders of this nation, never mind the Republican structure of our government, have simply had enough.

We're not going to vote for another McCain, no matter what name he has. We're not going to vote for a Bush who takes credit for a Florida "economic miracle" that was in fact all built on housing market leverage, liar loans and illegal mexican labor. We're not going to vote for those who claim to be opposed to virtually every program President Obama has championed and led yet while holding the power of the purse to stop every last one of them they were instead funded, continued and expanded!
This is exactly how I feel about all this. As I've said previously, not voting isn't going to fix this, but I don't have to vote for the GOP shit sandwich to make my voice heard.

I have to wonder how much of Trump's increasing poll numbers are people saying, "WTF, the GOP establishment wants to keep Trump out? All the more reason for me to support him! GO, TRUMP!"

I strongly suspect I am not alone. Trump is not what I would consider a serious candidate, but he could hardly do worse than the last several jerks who held the office. (Especially the present tenant.)

* * *

NASA is treating space-grown food as if it expects everyone involved to die or mutate. Today, the astronauts are going to eat lettuce grown in microgravity aboard the space station.

...reading the article I am astounded at the level of caution on display, here. What could possibly be so different about a head of lettuce grown in microgravity that it would become toxic or otherwise unfit for human consumption?

We need to stop micromanaging space exploration. This is ludicrous.

* * *

Speaking of ludicrous--

Last night I dug into the pile of stuff downstairs, determined to find the old 8-bit hardware. Here's the inventory:
2 C-64s
3 1541 floppy drives
1 1581 floppy drive
1 1520 plotter
1 NEC MultiSpeed laptop
1 Macintosh SE
1 Atari 520 ST
1 ST 354 floppy drive
1 Amiga 500
1 TRS-80 Model I
I don't have the faintest idea why I have three 1541 drives, but it does mean that one of them is superfluous and can donate its housing for the mini-ITX project.

The NEC MultiSpeed is the laptop I got in 1990 for $5, and fixed up. My first DOS machine! Since I recycled the CGA monitor, I have to reply on its non-backlit LCD, but it powered up and tested its RAM and looked for a boot disk.

I don't know if the Mac will work. I had a SCSI ZIP drive, and got the cable to hook it to the Mac, and made a backup disk of its hard drive; to do that, though, I had to open it up and remove the terminating resistors from the internal hard drive. I have no idea where the ZIP drive and the external SCSI cable for it have gone; furthermore, although I kept the terminating resistors I haven't the foggiest idea what happened to them, either. If the thing boots up without them, great; otherwise I'll have to find a set. (They are, as I recall, eight-pin SIP, but I have no idea what value.)

But I'm looking over this inventory with a view to reducing it; with the exception of the TRS-80 none of these things are particularly valuable but in good condition they'll fetch a handful of shekels each. (Even better: the Amiga has its RGB cable. I even have a monitor for it.) Realistically speaking I am never going to use any of this stuff ever again; I intend to keep a C64 and a 1541 but the rest of it can go.

My big autumn project will be getting an adapter to hook a 1541 to a USB port (Zoomfloppy in all liklihood), and then seeing what I can archive. I don't really care about the software so much as the writing that I have, on disk after disk after disk; floppies do not withstand the test of time even under ideal conditions. I don't know what I'll be able to recover, if anything.

If that's the case--if my disks have perished, which is the way to bet--I will not be overly sad, because the important stuff got printed, anyway. I made it a habit, long ago, to end an evening's writing session by printing what I had written; the stuff that didn't get printed was inconsequential. What I have on those disks is stuff I want, not stuff I need. It would, however, be very nice to burn a CD of all that stuff.

El-Hazard is more than powerful enough to run a C-64 emulator. (You can run a C-64 emulator on a Raspberry Pi, for crying out loud.)

* * *

Well, today is the second day of my little working vacation. Today I will put more parts onto the Fiero's engine, and have fun doing it.

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