atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4855: So let's see if this is the cause of my wobble.

Thanks to Og I was able to remove the hub from the passenger side knuckle. There is a very little bit of "grunk" in the bearing, and it has a very little bit of wobble; I'm not sure it's enough to cause what I'm seeing.

But the axle shaft, now--the universal joint in it moves freely on one axis, and has to be forced to move on the other. I'm not kidding; it moves easily by perhaps as much as three degrees, after which it stops dead. I can see how something like this might cause a resonant vibration at the wheel. If this is my problem, that would be awesome, because it's a $9 part from Autozone. I can also see how this might make some noise when moving along at speeds over 30 MPH.

Besides that, then, I may want to check the driver's side, tomorrow, to see if its u-joint is in good shape. If not, replacing it will be relatively cheap.

The part for the Fiero didn't arrive, which means it should get here tomorrow. Once the EGR gasket is in place I can torque down the upper plenum and purge the fuel rail, then try giving 'er the old startup.

...and then work on her brakes, because that's also still got to be done.

Further, I learned today that my training period will not be nine weeks of 6A to 2P; after the first five, it switches to 7A to 3P. I'll get to sleep until five instead of four! Woohoo!

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