atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4859: Just in time for me to start commuting!

Refinery in Whiting, Indiana, went "kerpow" and probably won't be back on-line for months. Gas went up $0.75 a gallon overnight.

Yesterday it was $2.46-ish a gallon. Today it is $3.20.

If we had any spare refining capacity the price of gas might not spike like this when a refinery goes down. Of course the EPA has made it virtually impossible to build any new refineries, which is why refining capacity in the US has declined since 1979. The area relies on that refinery to pump out some 400,000 gallons of unleaded per day, and right now it's only running at half capacity.

They say "one month" but I'd bet it'll be longer.

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