atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4866: Maybe a new caliper is warranted.

So I worked at it and worked at it, and got the caliper reassembled. The piston goes in and out smoothly enough, and the dust seal is back in place.

Mrs. Fungus got home from work while I was trying to extract the slide pins. The top one simply would not come out, and I had to knock it out with a drift; I had gotten it out and was just turning to the second one when she drove up.

That ended the car work for the night.

I have no idea why the caliper slides won't move in their bores. They're clean, the bores are lubed--yet they won't budge unless I hit them with a hammer...and that was after I was able to push them in with my thumbs.


One way or another I need to get the Fiero buttoned up and back in the garage today. For dang sure I'm not going to figure it out at 5:30 in the morning, though; and the alarm's set to go off at 8, and when it does I have to run to the store before I can return to bed.

Which I'm also going to do right now.

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