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#4867: Yes, gas is more expensive if you add all kinds of taxes to its price

It takes a special kind of stupid--or gall--for someone who advocated increases to gasoline prices to then demand to know why gasoline prices are so high.
It’s impossible to simply skim over the irony of someone demanding to know why gas prices are so high in the very same press release where they push for an additional ten percent tax on oil extraction. Does Tom Steyer actually understand where gas comes from? While it may come as a terrible shock to find out that gasoline is refined from crude oil and the cost of extracting and refining that oil feeds directly into the cost of the finished product, there’s more at work than that. California is a regulation and tax happy paradise and the voters there can frequently be rallied to support all manner of referendum driven schemes when they are portrayed as ways to save the world. Steyer himself has participated in quite a few of these, some of which are coming home to roost in the form of the precise problem he’s now trying to solve.
Surcharges, taxes, limiting supply, all these things increase the cost of fuel. If you can't understand that--if connecting that cause and effect is beyond your capability--you have no business running for dog catcher much less governor.

Gasoline is expensive because supply is artificially limited by severe constraints on refineries. There aren't enough of them to keep supplies up unless they run 24/7. Old ones end up being decommissioned because they can't be economically retrofitted to comply with ever-stricter environmental standards, and it's virtually impossible to build new ones.

But, absolutely, the thing to do is to make it more expensive to produce gasoline and then demand that the oil companies explain their price gouging...when government gets more money out of a gallon of gas than the oil companies do.

* * *

It's no secret that police in America carry guns. So if you are an unarmed thug and a cop attempts to apprehend you, perhaps fighting back is an unwise choice, one with an entirely predictable outcome.

* * *

One-day sale at Jewel--Pepsi, six-packs of 16 oz bottles, $1.50. I stocked up. I wasn't the only one. That's $0.25 per bottle FFS.

* * *

Tomorrow is Saturday, and the day after that is Sunday...and then comes X-day, the first Monday at the new job, where I must get up at 4 AM to be there by 6. Ooh yeah.

I'm looking forward to it. I got an I-pass for the Jeep today, and tanked up while in Indiana buying Pepsi. Gas is $3.40 a gallon in the Fungal Vale, and $3.20 a gallon in Indiana. (The price differential is never enough to make it worthwhile to make a special trip there, but if I happen to be there anyway....)

It was a dollar cheaper on Monday, damn it. (See above, "refineries". *sigh*)

* * *

I really do need a little more sleep before I go back to working on the car.

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