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#486: Do you know how fast you have to be going to skid a quarter mile?

Doofus wrecks $400,000 Lamborghini.

Most vehicles will stop in under 150 feet from around 60, 70 MPH in a full-blown panic stop, with or without antilock brakes. Thanks to the fact that kinetic energy increases as the square of the velocity, if you're going twice as fast it'll take four times as long to stop. So if he was going 120 MPH he should have been able to stop in about 600 feet, all else being equal. So according to my calculations wild-ass guess, that means he had to be going a minimum of 160 MPH in what was probably a 60 or 70 MPH zone. Adjusting for crude methods, that's probably about right, considering that a Lamborghini will have slightly more braking authority than the "average" vehicle. (ie, race-car brakes and fat, fat tires.) Considering that most of the more recent Lamborghini cars can break 200 MPH, I would bet that's not far off the speed the guy was going when he lost control of his car.

...and the moron was drunk. What an asshole.

* * *

Speaking of Florida news, it looks like it now costs $71 to get into Disney for one freaking day. And Universal is charging the same thing.

What the hell is that crap? Seventy-one dollars just to get in for one freaking day? And when you get into the place, if you buy anything to eat, you're going to pay about seventy thousand dollars for a typical family meal. Welcome to Di$neyWorld! Fuck!

When I was 18 years old it cost $22 to get into Six Flags over Great America. Now it's at least twice that, and while you have to take inflation into account, I know for damn sure that we haven't had that much freaking inflation in the last 20 years.

* * *

To my delight, I discovered that there is a six-episode OVA series of I"s! I downloaded it yesterday, and had a peek at the first episode last night before bed...and I was astounded by what I saw. I only watched about 2, 3 minutes of it, but what I saw of it was just awesome. The voice for Ichitaka's best friend, Teratani? Perfect. The music? Perfect. Oh, man. I hope the rest of it is as good as the part I saw, because if it is, I'm going to have another series to effuse about here. And if I ever get over this stinkinous cold I'm going to go buy more of the manga, too.

It would rule if they had the sequence with the King Game in there. Heh.

* * *

Saturday's weather was actually fairly pleasant. Certainly it was not as hot as it had been. Today, however, we are back to Philippines weather.

My cold is much better than it was Thursday or Friday, amazingly enough. I still want to get more Levaquin (despite the expense) in order to make sure this bug is killed dead, and I want to get a good detailed note from the doctor for my bosses. I should be able to call them and get that, though. Between that and my mom's eye procedure, Monday looks to be a busy day.

I have started working on the near-term, alternate-history SF story I alluded to in an earlier entry. I banged out thirteen pages of it yesterday; that kind of start only happens with a project when it is "ripe", which shows that my subconscious has been chewing on the idea for quite some time. The problem is, it's so good I don't know if I want to web-publish it. I might decide to try shopping it around to a couple of magazines, first. I'm liking it that much, yeah. It'll need some tightening up; I'll have to research a few things and nail them down properly--but if all goes well, it might just be a good first short for a magazine.

Well, enough of this for now; I've got anime to watch. Heh.

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