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#4873: Looks like I was half right.

Yesterday I said today would be "both easier and harder". I was right about "easier" and wrong about "harder" and please do not get the idea that I'm complaining about this.

Better and more sleep means less embalmed today; and though I feel tired I do not feel ready to go collapse. After yesterday's blog post I fell asleep until 8 PM, which is my nominal bedtime; I got up for an hour, then went right back to bed. I got up for about ten, fifteen minutes when Mrs. Fungus got home; then I went back to bed, and back to sleep. She woke me up, briefly, when she crawled into bed sometime after midnight, which prompted me to visit the bathroom; but once I was back in bed I was out. Next time I woke up, it was to KABLAM and the power going out for about thirty seconds, and that was at 3:47 AM...thirteen minutes before I had to get up anyway.

Works for me.

The drive in was a mess, of course, because everyone forgot how to drive in the rain. Okay, what about the dickhead in the car who was driving 55 MPH in the center lane in a 65 zone? WTF is that about?? If you're driving below the limit, it's fine, but do it in the right lane, you goofball! Shit.

...but I got to work in plenty of time, even so.

Today we actually began to learn things, which was nice, and made the day go past a lot quicker than yesterday did. As a bonus, I didn't feel like a big f-ing zombie, at least not until after lunch.

Drive home was speedy, and actually a little better than yesterday, though the Jeep's got the bad shimmy back again. I think I'll replace the steering damper this weekend (limited lifetime warranty from Advance Auto!) and that will help, but the driver's side bearing will have to wait for the first paycheck. It's coming soon enough.

And now, on to the rest of it!

* * *

This sounds perfectly reasonable to me: "They Rape Us. We Kill Them." Yazidi women fighting back against ISIS. You go, girls!

* * *

I actually like the idea of the US not exporting crude oil. I think the export ban should be matched with an import ban, except via pipeline.

* * *

Yet again, "in twenty-five years we'll be able to go from Paris to Tokyo in an hour and a half!" I won't believe it until and unless I actually see it, because this and fusion power have been due Real Soon Now for fifty years.

* * *

So, a little bit about Donald Trump running for President.

As I've said before, Trump won't be the nominee, at least not from the GOP. The GOP leadership is 100% anti-Trump; they want Jeb Bush to be their guy this time around because Jeb Bush will play ball, and their way to boot.

And here is a cogent discussion of why Trump is resonating so well.
Unlike the Perot phenomenon, the Trump wave is as much about the general disgust with Conservative Inc. and the mainstream media as it is about populist outrage. A lot of people have started to figure out that Fox is there to move product and sell GOP Inc. to the gullible people on the Right. These are people who signed onto the Tea Party, but have been radicalized by the GOP’s efforts to marginalize them.
And then Borepatch says:
My estimation of Trump has gone way, way up. This is new, and significant, and I'm not sure if any of the other candidates have any idea how to deal with him other than hoping that he gets bored and leaves, or makes a set of gaffes that will cause him to implode. That's not looking like where the smart money is betting.
Trump's discussion of immigration policy is what is doing it; and if there is anything that the GOP and the Democrats do not want fucked with, it is the country's immigration policy. It plays to the interests of their big money donors for labor to be cheap, and for there to be an entirely new class of grievance mongers; if immigration is controlled and limited all hell would break loose--and how can we destroy the middle class if they can earn good money at good jobs?

Speaking of immigration, here are five points the GOP is going to do its damnedest to ignore. And they're all correct.

People who support unrestricted immigration point to the inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty: "Give us your tired, your poor,..." But that's not a commandment; it's not a codicil in the Constitution--it's not even a founding document of this country. It's an ideal, it's a sentiment.

I'm all for legal and restricted immigration; we are not obligated to make citizens of every swinging dick that manages to evade the federales and cross the border. And it's about damned time that instead of finding ways to give amnesty to people who broke the law coming here, we should start enforcing the damned laws that are on the books.

* * *

Today's another day I don't have to water the pepper plants. It rained like crazy this morning. Whee!


It's 7:45 PM, and I managed to get through my evening without needing to take a nap. I'm going to bed in about an hour, tops. Whee!

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