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#4876: Friday!

It's Friday! I don't have to get up at 4 AM tomorrow in order to be at work at 6! Mrs. Fungus has to get up at 7 which gives me three whole extra hours of sleep!


The first week is over; there are eight weeks left in the training schedule. Getting up at 4 AM is difficult and unpleasant, but it's not that difficult.

I have no real plans for the weekend, other than to accomplish a chore or two and get some R&R time in. I have earned it.

* * *

Well, we've had a chance to use the repaired grill, and it works a treat now. The new drip shield does its job, everything works as it should, and I can't beat the price for my repair: $3, done and done. Cool.

* * *

So, while waiting for women to stop talking about children and get back onto training topic, I've been reading this little compilation of jokes and fun facts that's available on the site's news page. The editing of these lists is...less than professional, so I saw this the other day:
Eggs, bacon, and pancakes walk into a bar.
It was a poor year for farmers that year.

It snowed and snowed, so much that the government sent a man to help the farmers.
He said to one farmer, "You must have it bad, with all this snow."
The farmer replied, "Yep, but my neighbor has it twice as bad."
"Oh really? Why?"
"Because he's got twice as much land!"
The bartender said, "We don't serve breakfast in here."
Because of the kind of person I am--and because the jokes were all separated by a single blank line--I tried and tried for several minutes to figure out the punchline of the first joke before I gave up and read on, and only then realized that the "farmers in the snow" joke had somehow been inserted into the middle of the "breakfast walks into a bar" joke.

So yes, I tried to figure out what the joke was behind
Eggs, bacon, and pancakes walk into a bar.
It was a poor year for farmers that year.
It's now become a joke between my wife and I similar to this one:
A man said to me, "I'm a camper! I'm a teepee! I'm a camper! I'm a teepee!" I said, "Man, you need to relax!"
We do indeed have fun together.

* * *

Go to Google, and search on "askew". Laugh.

* * *

Jeep averaged 20 MPG this week. When I have some money for parts I'm going to replace the plugs (been 40,000 since I last did that) and see if there's any improvement. (As I recall it used to get 22-24 MPG on the highway, dang it.) Looks like I can currently get about three days' commuting out of a tank of gas, which isn't too bad.

Coming up on 123,456 miles. I'm hoping to get a picture of it when it gets there. We're about 40 miles away from it.

* * *

The past few days have been unseasonably cool, and I've loved the socks out of it. Last night I cold-soaked the bunker, and when I got up this morning it was 68 in here. Closed up the place and set the AC to go on at 76, but when I got home it was just 73 inside the house. Win.

Hoping to do that again tonight. I sleep much better when there's fresh, cool air flowing into the place.

* * *

First paycheck comes on the 4th of August, and I think I've already spent all of it on bills. *sigh*

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