atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4880: It's more than just a passing shower

It's been raining for a good 20 minutes now, pretty steadily, and it doesn't look like it's going to end for another 10 at least, if I'm reading the radar correctly.

Plus side: won't have to water the pepper plant.

I've been thinking about pulling out Mom's grow lamp and finding a way to bring the pepper plant indoors. (Maybe the garage would do.) I'm thinking about how plants work, and I'm worried that the decreasing daylight hours as we head into autumn will switch off the plant's flowering cycle, which of course would mean no peppers for you. It hasn't produced any so far, having had some interruptions to its water supply and not even getting planted until July--and once a rabbit dug it up--so it'd be nice to get one or two peppers out of it before winter.

It has some buds on it which look like they want to be flowers, so if it would just grow.... Putting the lamp on it would fool it into thinking there were more sunlight hours than there are, and perhaps I could convince it that summer had gotten an extension and I might get a few peppers out of it.

...and I'd probably spend more in electricity than I would on an equivalent number of peppers from the grocery store. *sigh*

My brief experiment in agriculture has probably failed. Next year perhaps I can get plants from a nursery and put them in the ground after we stop getting freezing weather. Maybe.

* * *

Anyway, it's cool enough that I don't need the fans on, and I've closed the windows to keep the rain out, so it's extra-quiet in the bunker right now. A cloudy, rainy, quiet Sunday morning--perhaps I ought to go lay down and enjoy it while I can.

Work tomorrow, and my day starts at 4 AM.

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